Shamoly Khera Shares Insights on #StayHomeStayTough Series In an Exclusive Interview with EVENTFAQS!

Entertainment | April 20, 2020 | Promo Feature

Shamoly Khera

Shamoly Khera is an International TV Presenter & Live Events MC with multiple TV shows to her credit. She has a glamorous persona & fiery wit and delivers energetic live events. Shamoly has recently started a #StayHomeStayTough series with various industry experts and celebrities on her social media platform which has received a great response from the audience. Within a short span of time, the series has become popular as the audience looks up to it as a source of information and entertainment during the tough time caused by COVID-19.

Here is an exclusive interview with Shamoly Khera, where she shares insights about her #StayHomeStayTough series, industry experts, celebrities, talk show subjects and more! 

How did you come up with the idea of starting a talk show series with various industry experts on your social media platform during the lockdown situation? 

The lockdown came as a slow-hitting surprise to me as it did to everyone else. I had some speaking events planned, Communication workshops pre-planned both in India & internationally, but by 16th March we all knew that everything had to be rescheduled. I knew there were two ways of looking at this - either sulk for how everything will be postponed or pick oneself up and make use of the time at hand. During the lockdown, the feeling of uncertainty had hit the mass and I wanted to do find the 'right way' of navigating this certainty, of how we can make this time productive for ourselves & create an uplifting experience instead - this is how the #StayHomeStayTough series was born.


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Tell us about the type of topics/subjects you talk about in your show? How does it help/benefit the audience? 

The very first topic that I wanted to discuss was 'how to deal with uncertain times' and I got onboard coach Vikas Arora from the UK to talk to my audience about it. Instagram LIVE seemed like a great option because people could ask their questions directly to the expert. The idea was to equip the audience & the viewers with the tools needed to get out of the lockdown tunnel feeling good about themselves. I quickly started expanding the topics to health, nutrition, beauty, mind-set, poetry, fashion, e-commerce, and the series just took off.

How was the response you received from the audience and did it surpass your expectations?

I was tremendously encouraged from the first interview onwards - it hit a chord with the audience because this is exactly what everyone was thinking about - how to stop being anxious and learn to 'just be'. As humans, we lookout for inspiration when we feel low, or when we are confused - giving an expert or a celebrity the platform to speak to them was liberating, for both the viewer & the celebrity. Each celebrity brought a plethora of personal experiences & insights on how they were dealing with the situation - some of them even staying by themselves! Thus each chat snowballed into a massive community inspiration.


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Tell us about the experts you have invited on your show and who all we can expect next? 

Just like we had a life coach to talk about mental strength, we got nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee to talk about how to increase our immunity in the times of COVID, to prepare our body for the oncoming crisis. Jessie Sandhu, the founder of Grey Heron Fashion that retails via Pernia's Pop-up, gave us insights into how e-commerce businesses can learn to thrive in these tough times. Beauty Blogger & Influencer Iqraa Kadir Khan gave some incredible tips on skin & haircare during quarantine & how to best use this time for self-care with easily available kitchen ingredients. Acting coach Saurabh Sachdeva, better known as Isa from Sacred Games, shared how actors can master their craft while at home; how he continues to hone the skills of his acting students by sending daily audio podcasts, to facilitate their learning even while at home.

Actor Sanjay Mishra lightened the mood by revisiting some of his hilarious Bollywood one-liners and shared how he is discovering nostalgic moments from his childhood, amidst long conversations with his family members. Actor & writer Manav Kaul, being the true artist that he is, shared how he has aced the art of living alone and self-taught himself some skills like video-editing and cooking, making full use of the lockdown. He also recited LIVE some of his own poetry, to the delight of the listeners. Malini Agarwal, founder of MissMalini entertainment shared how the entertainment industry feels more human now, thanks to the lack of red carpet luster and real digital sharing. Stand-up Comic Nitinn Miranni opened up about his triumph over depression and he even counselled couple of viewers online who were struggling with the same - truly uplifting viewers with his life experience. 


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It has been an incredible learning experience to have these inspiring conversations every day, to know that there is a human way possible of navigating through this crisis. The biggest learning from the #StayHomeStayTough series was that this experience unites all of the human race as one, for we understand our needs and wants are just the same, and we all really want to celebrate the simplest things in life - inspiring each other at this time has been the single most important goal of this series.

In your opinion, how are LIVE Entertainment artists affected by the current Coronavirus situation and how can they cope up with this tough situation?

This is definitely going to be a tough time for the LIVE Entertainment industry but this crisis also opens a window for innovation. We are already seeing 'home-concerts' organized by YouTube, and home-plays organized by creative groups like Kommuneity - this is an opportunity to do things differently and the event industry will soon figure how to continue the wide scale of events on a digital format successfully. It's a matter of time but it will surely happen.


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Here is an exclusive interview with Shamoly Khera, where she shares insights about her #StayHomeStayTough series, industry experts, celebrities, talk show subjects and more.

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