Phase 1 Experiences Executes a 360-Degree Digital Celebration for a Leading Lifestyle Brand

Industry Watch | April 14, 2020 | Press Release

Phase 1 Experiences

The retirement date for any individual is sacrosanct, regardless of the circumstance – be it a COVID-19 lockdown or otherwise. For the employees of the company- one of India’s largest conglomerates – a lifestyle brand, it was disheartening as they couldn’t celebrate their beloved leader and role model.

The lifestyle brand reached out to Phase 1 to create a special film for their leader. The film would have to chronicle his journey across three decades where he turned around every division under the brand, empowering it to soar to great heights. 

While the client requirement was a simple film, Phase 1 wanted to bring both the excitement and warmth of a physical farewell to this digital celebration. Much like a physical event, every touch-point was handled with care.

The first step was a collaborative effort in which the digital platform for the big day was chosen, keeping in mind bandwidth and logistics. This was integral since they had to choose the right platform that was available to all the guests in order to successfully execute the ideas.


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An emailer invite was sent to the guests, featuring a curated dress code and guidelines to attend the event from a quirky corner of their homes – a refreshing change from the usual conference call backgrounds. 

Throughout his three decades with the division and the brand, there were many who supported their leader’s journey. The lifestyle brand wanted to ensure that they could pay their tribute to the leader in a way that wouldn’t make the main event too monotonous. 

A heartfelt testimonial AV that stitched together personal anecdotes and emotional snippets from the employee family was created. Additionally, an AV featuring his most iconic moments and milestones was also created – a wonderful addition to an unforgettable event. 

The digital event experience was scripted and executed on a video call, much like a live event, with ample heart-warming instances, laughter, and joyous moments all around. Phase 1 put together an emcee script for the host, an internal employee. The event even featured musical performances by the internal team and memorable speeches by the various senior leaders who were present for the special day. 

A digital book with messages and photographs, signed off by the entire employee family, was gifted to the leader live. The leader was moved to tears by the heartfelt farewell experience, thus bringing the event to a close.

Monisha Anthony, Senior Client Servicing Manager, Phase 1 said, “We at Phase 1 always believe that any event, big or small, is extremely important to our client and therefore push ourselves to give it our best and make it the best event the client could imagine. However, for the first time in a long time, under very unusual circumstances, we got the opportunity to deliver an event that was unique, tailor-made and much bigger than the client’s ask and imagination. A simple AV brief was turned into a full-fledged virtual event by bringing on board editors, artistic and talented employees and senior leaders who were more than eager to show their love and do what it takes to make this celebration special. Within a span of 3 days, this brief was understood, fleshed out and executed and giving us a chance to prove that anything is possible with genuine intent and a lot of hard work!”


The digital event experience was scripted and executed on a video call, much like a live event, with ample heart-warming instances, laughter, and joyous moments all around.

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