4AM Worldwide Executes the Architect Talk Organized by TOTO for Architects & Interior Designers

Business Events | April 14, 2020 | Promo Feature

4AM Worldwide TOTO India

Renowned architects, interior designers, and developers from around India gathered at the Trident BKC in Mumbai for a memorable and informative networking event hosted by TOTO and was organized by 4AM World Wide.


The attendees were amongst the best in the field and the guest list included Alpa Shikre, Principal, SSA Architects; Reza Kabul, President ARK Reza Kabul Architects; Alan Abraham, Joint Principal Architect, Abraham John Architects; Sandeep Shikre, Principal, SSA Architects. The highlight of the event was the speech by keynote speaker Tsuyoshi Tane whose unique take on design has earned him recognition globally.

The event was a sophisticated, elegant affair, in keeping with the august audience, showcasing 4AM’s ability to switch gears when required. 4AM is perfectly adept at hosting large raucous events that are open to the public as well as small private affairs for a select audience. 4AM’s commitment to operational excellence is abundantly clear in every event they undertake and their ability to add a creative spin to even a sophisticated affair such as this is what keeps them ever relevant.   

“We have been associated with TOTO India for a while now. Understanding the brand’s requisite and the taste, our team accurately conceptualized, planned and executed the event. Right from the communication pieces to the décor, the team carefully chose the elements that would bring out the essence of the brand,” said Jairaj Nair, VP-Experiential Marketing, 4AM Worldwide.

Akira Hiromi Watai, Director, TOTO India Industries was quoted stating, “The 4AM Experiential Marketing team has done a great job. The entire planning and execution processes are admirable. They have paid attention to everything in detail.” 

Renowned architects, interior designers & developers from around India gathered at the Trident BKC, for a memorable & informative networking event hosted by TOTO and was organized by 4AM Worldwide.

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