ShowCase Events Exclusive IP 'Sounds From The Desert' Finally Receives Recognition!

Entertainment | March 4, 2020 | Promo Feature

ShowCase Events Sounds from the Desert

ShowCase Events had the vision to bring back the original folk sounds so as to showcase the sensitive nuances of the handcrafted folk instruments and old folk songs before they all died out and were forgotten. This became a reality with the conceptualization, curation, and production of Sounds From The Desert- first in the series of: Sounds Of India. The first of its kind and only Folk Music Production - Sounds From The Desert recently won Best Young IP less than 3 years award.

Led by Kutle Khan as the lead vocalist, and one of most versatile musicians from Rajasthan, and backed by musicians such as Nathulal Solanki of Pushkar on Nagaras, Darre Khan of Jaisalmer on the Khamaycha carrying forward their family legacy of the instruments, the show brought together musicians and dancers from Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Barmer, Hamira, Bikaner and Jaipur, showcasing folk instruments such as the Khartaal, Morchang, Algooza, Sindhi Saarangi, Khamaycha, Nagaara, Bhapang, Dholak.

The flow was planned and unraveled through a storyline, by Atul Churamani, Managing Director, Turnkey Music and Music Advisor, ShowCase events and Nanni Singh, CEO, ShowCase events.

As show curator and director, Atul Churamani said "Folk Music has always fascinated me but experiencing this array of untrained natural talent of Rajathani Folk Musicians, made this production even more interesting. Sounds From The Desert - One of my best experiences ever.”

A 90 minutes production with 19 phenomenal artists and 5 engineers; a crisply curated journey of Rajasthani Folk music- LIVE, showcasing some rare traditional musical instruments and sounds, blended with a few western ones to appeal to both, the uninitiated and familiar in the audience. Care has been taken to ensure that the fusion does not distort the original sound or sentiment of the songs. The show also has captivating Visuals of Rajasthan to support the production and enhance the experience. These are displayed behind the artists to create an immersive experience. 

Nanni Singh, CEO, ShowCase Events said “Folk Music needs the right representation to present itself in its purest form. Sounds From The Desert-is just that”.

The audience, across all age groups, loved it and the music journalists praised the well-orchestrated event and gave great reviews. This reconfirmed that ShowCase Events had indeed brought about the change they set out to make.

Mihir Joshi, Show Host comments, “Sounds From The Desert is an incredible experience. Kutle Khan is absolutely brilliant but what makes this show even better than a normal Kutle Khan performance is the incredible production brought about by ShowCase Events. I have hosted many events and concerts but hosting this one was truly special for me. This really takes the music of Rajasthan to the next level!”

Ashish Doshi, Hon. Director, Royal Opera House, Mumbai said, “It was one exhilarating experience. Different musical instruments, the singing - all was magical. One of the finest folk performances that have ever happened at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai.”

ShowCase Events has a dedicated team of Atul Churamani, Nanni Singh, Carl Alfonso, Aslam Khan, Mihir Joshi, Vasundhara Agarwal, Meenakshi Babar, Ujwala Oberoi-Raheja, Rajshree Agarwal, Sangita Todi, Naina Kukreja, Miecckey Bharucha, Dharmesh Digwal, Shivika Garodia, Chintan Meghani, Shivam Chopra behind this production.

ShowCase events came into existence in September 2018. The company, headed by its Founder & CEO, Nanni Singh, is an organization she had dreamed of establishing for many years an Event Management company with a difference. Our forte is Curation-be it a musical, a fabrication, a corporate event, an exhibition, a conference or a gala.

Here's a sneak peek at Showcase Events Exclusive IP Sounds from the Desert 

The first of its kind and only Folk Music Production - Sounds From The Desert recently won Best Young IP less than 3 years award.

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