Five Reasons to Choose Titanic Mardan Palace, Turkey for your Dream Indian Wedding

Weddings | March 11, 2020 | Promo Feature

Titanic Mardan Palace Inventum Global

Titanic Mardan Palace is a magnificent property that stands on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea at Antalya, Turkey. Framed by the most breathtaking view, rich in history and brimming with natural beauty, it is one of Turkey’s most fascinating wedding venues. Having a unique palace concept reflecting luxury and magnificence of a spectacular palace on its every corner, Titanic Mardan Palace hosts perfect weddings with its structure combining its impressive architecture with modern touches.

Read on to find out more about Titanic Mardan Palace, and their top reasons to book a wedding at this exceptional ceremony and reception venue in Turkey.

1- Unrivalled Location:

Titanic Mardan Palace is Turkey’s famed Riviera with 5-star sophistication, award-winning service, and a picture-perfect location. A luxury all-inclusive hotel in Antalya, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea; acres of sparkling, lagoon-style pools extend to a private sandy beach, while splendid resort architecture reflects some of Istanbul’s most noteworthy points of interest. From the stately Dolmabahçe Lobby, with its palatial design and striking glass ceiling, to the sumptuous and meticulously appointed accommodation, everything here is crafted to delight and inspire.

2- Refreshing Ambience:

An unforgettable wedding excitement with all details complementing a fabulous environment whether in charming green gardens, under the stars or on the seaside where couples and guests can feel a warm Mediterranean breeze or in the magnificent ballroom. Flashy tables, crystal chandeliers, gold leaves, silver candlesticks, covers and accessories of the world's leading brands are the most important pieces of the fairytale complementing the palace atmosphere.

3- Tailored Services & Incredible Indian Flavours:

At Titanic Mardan Palace an expert team takes care of all guests’ requests at every stage of the wedding as from the planning process. Couples can turn their unique wedding dinner menu into a visual delight by choosing whatever they want among alternative tastes from the world cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs. Indian couples and guests can witness traditional Indian tastes' transforming into a feast with exclusive presentations by talented Indian chefs. Magnificent tables and romantic lighting are important details adding a different atmosphere to their special day. 

4- Luxurious Accommodation:

Effortlessly blending the majestic grandeur of a palace with the unmatched comfort and convenience of a 5-star resort, Titanic Mardan Palace offers the best Indian wedding experience that is sure to thrill every guest. Tucked along Turkey’s illustrious Mediterranean coast, the gorgeously appointed rooms and suites at Titanic Mardan Palace are an opulent sanctuary, transformed to the highest possible standard.

5- Picture Perfect Destination:

Titanic Mardan Palace makes a perfect backdrop for wedding photography for couples who wish to have a fairytale wedding. The palace’s elegant architecture, art, and natural beauty offer a perfect canvas for couples' romantic wedding photoshoot. Titanic Mardan Palace also allows couples to have different angles and a 360-degree photoshoot to enhance their photoshoot.

A leading wedding destination hotel of recent times, Titanic Mardan Palace helps to make couples wedding a memorable one with its grandeur.

Here is a glimpse of an Indian Wedding at Titanic Mardan Palace- 

Titanic Mardan Palace is exclusively associated with Inventum Global, the leading Wedding, and MICE, B2B service provider for Turkey. For more details contact, Eylem Nogayoğlu at

Read on to find out more about Titanic Mardan Palace, and their top reasons to book a wedding at this exceptional ceremony and reception venue in Turkey.

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