The Event Konsultants and Doors Media Collaborates to Spice Things Up

Marketing | February 21, 2020 | Promo Feature

Event Konsultants Doors Media

The Event Konsultants and Doors Media came together to build an event production house with a single point of contact for all event and advertising agencies wherein they plan to bridge the gap of professionalism between vendors and event agencies that arises even today. Know more about their collaborative projects, synergies, USPs and more as they share with EVENTFAQS. 

Beginning of Something New!

Jaeraj Surve, Founder, The Event Konsultants and Shiva Bodkhe, Founder, Doors Media decided to join hands to not only benefit both the firms but also the industry by bringing forth something new and fresh. Jaeraj’s experience of 15 years in Event Management combined with Shiva’s experience of over 25 years in Ground Production with an experienced team, execute turnkey projects and manage all sorts of events and exhibitions for Event and Advertising Agencies. During the collaboration instead of working on the same conventional, stereotypical event setups, they focused on the missing gaps of quality control, conceptual understanding and giving the right solution to agencies.

They believed that their combined experience of 40 years would allow them to execute creative, magnificent and innovative event ideas for the event agencies. Therefore, they decided to focus on providing more robust services to their clients. Providing services for turnkey projects became an all-new genre and segment in the event industry. Both Jaeraj and Shiva eventually thought of opening an event production house, a concept that is relatively new in the Indian event industry.

Shiva’s background and experience in fabrication and ground production helped Jaeraj to have a strong fabrication team for the event production house. Now, they have their in-house fabrication warehouse, technical, creative and event operation teams for making it a complete one-stop event production house. For the event and advertising agencies, they are a single point of contact as events solution providers that take care of all their requirements right from initial event planning to its final execution.

First Collaborative Project

The two event industry experts joined hands in 2017, for their first large scale project- Top Gear Awards. With regards to design and the complete planning process, this was the first time that both the teams worked collaboratively. The event was a huge success as both the teams merged really well and the project was handled smoothly as one event production house. Also, The Event Konsultants was the official event partner for Top Gear Awards. So, it wasn’t only execution and management but also the event partnership that The Event Konsultants was honored to have.

Other Collaborative Projects by The Event Konsultants and Doors Media

The two teams have executed many projects together. Here are a few examples of large scale turnkey projects for event agencies:

1- ESL One (largest gaming event in India)
2- Kotak Mutual Funds Awards
3-Top Gear Awards
4- VW 21st Century Beetle Car Launch
5- Jeep Compass Launch 
6- Yoo Villas Launch for Panchshil
7- Cello Stall
8- Corelle Brands


They are not two organizations working together but one big team that functions collaboratively to execute and organize events. The big team is comprised of smaller teams that look after various tasks such as fabrication, 3D designing, event technicals, etc. However, both companies position themselves differently. The Event Konsultants is an Event Production House and Doors Media is a Fabrication House. So, that’s how the project gets divided. The operations team functions as a client servicing team for event agencies because they understand what the client’s operation team would want. Once the project requirements are confirmed, the operations team starts planning and assigns responsibilities to the designated teams. This next level of functioning is only possible because both companies integrate well and work in harmony. There is no added cost to the agency for such a combined force of work.

Management Styles - Same or Different? 

Jaeraj Surve and Shiva Bodkhe are two partners running both companies. So, the management processes for both companies are the same but when it comes to execution, the creative and operations team plans the entire event with respect to stage design, timelines, and working drawings for the fabrication and technical team. It allows them to execute the same as per the client’s requirement. It’s like the creative and operations team is the brain and the fabrication and technical team is the backbone of the entire event production house. These two working styles come together as one for the smooth functioning of every event. Both partners have their individual expertise and they give equal inputs in every project. So, that’s how they ensure that every project is handled effectively.

An edge over others in the industry 

Being an event production house combined with 40 years of experience of both partners, the organization clearly has an edge over others in the industry. With regards to cost-effectiveness, the quality of services, the management processes, both are way ahead of their competition. The client can always pay the same rate to any vendor in the market but won’t receive the same professionalism for the quality of work that they provide while planning and executing an event.


Their biggest and most valuable USP is their experience in executing all scale of events. They have separate teams dedicated to every niche which is an added advantage. They are versatile when it comes to different genres of events and their management styles. Their expertise and in-house event solutions make any scale and scope of event execution possible effortlessly!


Event Production House - The Event Konsultants and Fabrication House - Doors Media joined hands to bring forth something new and fresh in the event industry.

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