Yogesh Sonar, NeoNiche Shares Insight on Creating Culture of Customer Excellence!

Industry Watch | February 6, 2020 | Promo Feature

For any organization from almost any industry it is important to build a culture of customer excellence to succeed and sustain in today’s competitive market. The most common, and perhaps the greatest, barrier to customer excellence is the lack of a customer-centric organizational culture. For a customer-centric culture, it is vital that everyone in the organization plays a customer excellence role - even those who don’t see or never get to interact with the customer. This applies to administrative staff, middle managers and even top executives.

At most of the organizations, the culture remains sales-driven, they consider that customer-centricity is a priority only for the client-facing team. It often happens that the back office people remain preoccupied with their own inside concerns. They usually spend so much time and effort dealing with information, procedures, forms, and reports that they become absorbed in their point of view. 

The key here is that the customer-facing professionals in such organizations must feel confident about being supported by the company and its management for providing a high quality of service that satisfies the customer’s needs. And, this is the success of India’s fastest growing experiential marketing company, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions. At NeoNiche the back office team considers the frontline team as their internal customer and deal with them accordingly.

Yogesh Sonar, Assistant General Manager - Client Relations, NeoNiche shares insights on creating a culture of customer excellence in an organization. NeoNiche has been successful in creating the customer-centric culture in the organisation by not only focusing on creating Everyone’s Job atmosphere” but also the followings: 

Energy Begets Energy:

The company understands that the organizations must have the high energy level, a sense of accomplishment, and even a sense of excitement on the part of employees because this optimism and positive energy translates directly to the customer experience and builds trust with customers.

There cannot be a prevailing lethargy, a burnt-out sense of detachment since this glumness and negative energy as well translates directly to the customer experience and leads to feelings of distrust.

At NeoNiche, they always focus on maintaining the right energy, there is always a sense of pride and accomplishment as people here are more passionate about working together to solve the challenging problems for customers.

Right Environment:

It is usually said that “There is something wrong with people nowadays… they don’t realize that they are being paid by the customers, not by the organization” or “You just can’t find the right people anymore”.

NeoNiche believes that actually there is nothing wrong with people because they just tend to react to their environment.

So to get a high standard of service from people, NeoNiche has created and maintained a motivational, optimistic, encouraging environment in which the employees can find personal reasons for walking extra miles to benefit the customers. They do that by providing job security, pay and benefits, rewards, opportunities to grow/excel, by doing justice, fair play and a sense of individual wellness and psychological well-being.

No one is Done Unless Everyone is Done

NeoNiche believes in the “all-hands” approach to solve client issues encouraging involvement from all departments after a customer service concern occurs, to identify what led to the problem and find ways to prevent it in the future. Obviously, this has direct value in improving results, but it has cultural value as well by demonstrating what is valued within the organization and a sense of being a team that cares for its colleagues.

Engaging with Staff:

At NeoNiche, the ‘People Business’ is taken very seriously, hence the doors of the senior leadership are always open for its employees, vendors and other stakeholders. Employees are empowered and respected as they feel comfortable sharing their feedback, suggestions with the senior management on any issue, also there are numerous opportunities created to engage with the staff within the organization time to time.

Common Goal – We Follow H.E.A.R.T

They say it is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. NeoNiche follows H.E.A.R.T as a value system. Honesty Excellence Accountability Respect and Trust because our values drive our behavior, what we value is reflected in the lives that they live. They believe that the company’s culture is the direct offspring of the company’s mission and vision. Their mission is to create an organization about Respect, Care and Innovation. Respect, where every stakeholder is valued, every voice is heard, every input is respected. Care, they work as one team and care for each other. Innovation, a repeat is not our style, what’s new is what excites us at NeoNiche. They always strive to create a remarkable experience for our clients or our teammates.

Finally, they know that the customers are happy to do business with them because of the high value that they are receiving; and a successful organization constantly focuses on optimizing its service offerings, developing a culture of employee engagement and fulfillment, and achieving customer excellence.

Yogesh Sonar, Assistant General Manager - Client Relations, NeoNiche shares insights on creating a culture of customer excellence in an organization.

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