Ajay Vadhvani, AVS India Talks About the Challenges Faced, Future Initiatives & More!

Marketing | January 31, 2020 | Interview

AVS India Ajay Vadhvani

With an aim to curate, create and execute experiences, AVS India ensures to customize every detail to achieve what is expected by the client. In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Ajay Vadhvani, Founder, AVS India gives an insight about their company, challenges faced, future plans and more!

Tell us something about AVS. What is your vision for the company?

AVS is an integrated marketing communications company recognized for its quality executions, timely delivery, and cost-effective solutions. AVS renders professional services in the field of advertising, brand management, conferences, creative campaigns, destination management, digital marketing, event conceptualization management, exhibition setups and among many others.

AVS was born out of a passion for creating world-class campaigns for our clients. The Team is a set of workaholics. We enjoy crazy deadlines, challenging executions, timely deliveries and providing enterprising solutions. We believe in Out of the box thinking! We aim to create magnificent experiences that galvanize Brands, Businesses & Customers. We endeavor to provide our clients with everlasting experiences, value for money through optimum cost & quality balance. To serve our clients with complete commitment and nurturing good relationships with them is our moto.

What kind of challenges does one has to face while curating and executing a corporate event?

The industry today is 100x to what it was 5yrs back. There is a lot of competition, everyone is trying to deliver its best and is getting a fair chance to prove their metal with campaigns and designs to the client. Looking at the way the industry is moving, we believe everyone will have to create a niche for itself and present plans which connect all aspects of marketing including offline campaigns. To remain in this cutthroat competitive market and constantly upgrading ourselves is the biggest challenge.

Share insight about a recent event/case study, based on the client brief and how AVS achieved it.

It was AVS’s 5th year in a row at the ADHM 2019 and we were stoked to serve 3 brands with immense ease. With Puma being the Ignited by Partner, Tata Motors (Harrier Dark Edition) was Driven By Partner and Volini Maxx being the Recovery Partner.

From activating and engaging the runners Warm-up at Puma Hybrid Warm-up Zone, Motivate them at Tata Motors Harrier Dark Edition Cheer Zone at Rajpath, and helping them Recover at Volini Maxx Recovery Zone and not the least, easing the runners at Cool Off Zone where Tata Motors gave them memories of their achievement in the form of pictures with their timings & Puma gave various gifts at the Hybrid Rebound Challenge, along with giving away sliding comfort of the Hybrid Zone.

During the BIB Collection, the participants of ADHM enjoyed the Volini Maxx’s Instant Climbing Wall Challenge and Tata Motors' Interactive cycling installation with LED lights, to unleash the Dark.

AVS curated and executed:

1. Get Active Expo – 3 days from 17th – 19th Oct 2019 – where runners came to collect their BIBs

a. Volini Maxx

Runners participated in the Climbing Wall Challenge and were gratified with a free Volini Can, on their completion in 30 seconds. Over 1800+ participants took this challenge with 300+gratified.

b. Tata Motors

Apart from Harrier Dark Edition display with Selfie Opportunities, the Runners participated in the Interactive cycling installation. The challenge was to light up the characters of the #UNLEASHTHEDARK within 60 seconds and were gratified with a Scaled Model of Harrier, on their completion. Over 1200+ participants took this challenge with 100+ gratified.

2. Race Day

a. Puma Hybrid Warm-Up Zone

Before every run, a warmup session is a must. At this zone Ayesha Billimoria along with Puma trainers engaged over 15000+ runners at the warmup session. Anchor Clince Varghese and Fastest woman alive Carmelita Jeter shared insightful tips with the runners and motivated them

b. Tata Motors Motivational Zone

Our Punjabi Dhol Group along with the cheering team cheered and engaged over 18000+ runners at Rajpath

c. Volini Maxx Recovery Zone

Dr. Rizwan Khan, along with is a team of 150+ physios recovered over 19800+ runners instantly. Anchor Clince Varghese and Fastest woman alive Carmelita Jeter delighted the runners.

d. Puma Hybrid Rebound Zone

A special Hybrid Rebound Zone was created at the cool off zone, where over 3000+ runners experienced the rebound effect of the New Hybrid Collection. 30+ winners were gratified with Puma merchandise, who participated in the Rebound challenge (Trampoline)

e. Tata Motors Cool Off Zone

Another cool off zone, where over 3000+ runners took away their memories of achievement with timing, in the form of the real picture.

For the runners, this was a 4-day event (3 days BIB Collection & 1 Race Day), whilst for AVS it took more than 15 days from planning, ideating and executing; to deliver great experiences of technology, design, culture, for the brands.

It took us:

- 15 days for preplanning

- 5 days for On-Site productions

- 3 days for the Get Active Expo

- 1 day for the Main Event

We are extremely proud of the fact that despite such huge turnaround, everything was executed with immense ease; we went through grueling preparations for the event, had sleepless nights but we didn’t falter by even a whisker. Over 20,000 people attended our various set-ups and we couldn’t have been happier.

Even though this year was our fifth year in a row at the ADHM 2019, there’s always a sense of bewilderment. We were serving giants like Puma, Tata Motors and Volini Maxx (Sun Pharma) and these brands have long been avowed for their credibility. When you serve brands of international repute, there’s always an uncanny pressure, despite making the best preparations possible we had our apprehensions. It was only after the event was concluded we realized how smoothly we pulled it off, energy and zeal exhibited by people was a testimony to it.

We at AVS have constantly explored new horizons within and outside the realm of our work, we have worked with brands from diverse segments and Airtel Delhi Half Marathon too tested our tenacity but we are glad that we were able to respect the faith that was reposed in us by our partners.

What other future initiatives are planned through AVS?

AVS is endeavoring to provide their clients with an everlasting experience, value for money through optimum cost and quality balance. To serve clients with complete commitment and nurturing good relationships with them, the company is soon diversifying into diverse sectors to become one of the leading Marcom companies in India. AVS is the global partner for brands and aims to achieve 10x growths by serving the clients with complete honesty and integrity in the coming years.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Ajay Vadhvani, Founder, AVS India gives an insight about their company, challenges faced, future plans and more!

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