The Event Konsultants: One-Stop Solution for All Event and Advertising Agencies

Marketing | January 31, 2020 | Promo Feature

The Event Konsultants

Every event manager’s role varies depending on the event type but the tasks that need to be carried out remain the same. These tasks include identifying potential businesses, researching new event ideas, planning the event budgets, arranging the resources needed for the event, and of course executing the event on behalf of the client.

Top Gear Awards

Introducing – The Event Konsultants

The Event Konsultants is a complete event production house that provides event and exhibition solutions for event and advertising agencies. According to the Event and Entertainment Management Association, the Indian event industry is expected to reach Rs. 10,000 crore marks by 2020-21. Many event industry companies are now in great demand and are growing at a high rate. This progress has opened golden opportunities for event agencies to create and develop as a brand in the market. With such bright opportunities, The Event Konsultants functions as a fully integrated event production house equipped with complete creative support for event agencies.

Jaeraj Surve, Founder & CEO, The Event Konsultants has been associated with the event industry for more than 14 years. He leads a growth-oriented vision for The Event Konsultants as a professional event production organization with highly innovative concepts, positive work approach, integrity, and good work ethics.

ESL ONE @ NSCI Dome (One Of the Largest Gaming Event in India)

How are they Resolving Business Problems?

The event industry and The Event Konsultants are running parallel with the same future outlook where most agencies would prefer outsourcing their event operations work to an event production house. Outsourcing would allow the event production house to take care of everything, from planning to execution.

Here is where The Event Konsultants come into play. They take turnkey projects from event agencies that make them a cost-effective option to get the expedient vendor rates without embodying their in-house operation team. Their end-to-end event production management makes them the perfect event partner that agencies can count on.

Cloudbazaar Expo

What Differentiates them From Other Event Agencies or Production Houses?

The Event Konsultants is targeting an entirely new segment and introducing event concepts of another level. Some factors that distinguish us from the rest are-

- They are one of the very few fully integrated event production houses in the country.

- They provide all in-house services resources and have a separate event operation and creative in-house team to support all event needs of the agencies. 

- They don’t operate like vendors or an event agency. They directly deal with the agencies and provide one-on-one event planning solutions.

- In the event industry, there has always been a big gap between the agencies and the vendors in terms of comprehending event designs, concepts, and requirements. The Event Konsultants fills this gap with professionalism and quality.

- They undertake turnkey projects from the events and advertising agencies.

Kotak Mutual Funds Awards

What are the Major Milestones Achieved by them?

Their excellent team conducted the following superhit events:

- ESL One (International LAN Gaming Event 1st time in India)

- High Profile Celebrity & Politician Wedding of 2018

- Top Gear Awards (event partner for 2018-2019)

- Kotak Mutual Funds Awards (Multi-city with artists like Shaan, Sachin Jigar)


The Event Konsultants Workspace

What are their Future Plans?

The entire concept of a fully integrated event production house is new to the event management industry in India. They believe that the event production house will turn into a new service category for the next generation’s event industry. The new age will enjoy the first-mover advantage as this concept develops further.

The Event Konsultants gives insights on how they resolve Business Problems, how they are different from other Event Agencies or Production Houses, future plans and more!

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