KEMA Host Panel Discussion on Importance of Copyright & Licencing for Event Management Organizations

Industry Watch | January 14, 2020 | Press Release

KEMA Royal Orchid, Old Airport Road, Bangalore

On account of Monthly General Body Meeting of Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA), a panel discussion was organized where Maj KjS Gurna, Treasurer of EEMA and Managing Director of Bellset Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. talked and discussed about “Importance of Copyright & Licencing for Event Industry”. During this meeting, he shared his views on the responsibilities of copyright societies, Maj Gurna also threw some light on the nitty-gritties of copyright issues and guidelines to be followed and the importance of Copyright for event management companies while interacting with colleagues from the event industry. The KEMA GBM was held at Royal Orchid, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

The GBM also saw a collaborative talk by Babita Jaishankar and Priya Khosla on Power Your Presence where they discussed the one thing always faced while growing into a leader and in building business was confidence crisis. When meeting the Bigwigs in the Large Organizations or being in front of a room presenting a case or a pitch to the Head of a Company would make them nervous. They have seen a lot and their teams face similar mental blocks. 

To enable them and their teams to evolve into better salespeople, leaders and individuals, Babita Jaishankar & Priya Khosla co-created a talk called Power Your "Presence". This talk covered overall aspects of all that needs to be mindful of and learn to make them more confident, be it The Right look, Non-verbal communication, their body language, the first impact they create, their mental framework, Self-dialogue, etc.

Babita Jaishankar is a well-established name in the space of personal branding. Founder of Wsol and Image and Lifestyle Coach, she helps to build an image. She has enabled a lot of companies to be it Intel, Microsoft, Altran, Fidelity, Jain Heights, Columbia Asia, Infosys and many more in this space.

Speaking on the occasion of the Event, Srikant Kanoi, Vice President, KEMA said, “The Event Management Industry, which has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade doesn't just provide training and entertainment opportunities; it also makes a vast contribution to India's economy. It is estimated that the industry creates lakhs of full-time jobs, from the event crew members that set up the stage and the lighting to those in control of security, marketing and every other vital component that goes into organizing a successful event. These jobs offer a high level of satisfaction and help to keep team morale at peak with the exciting environments that each person can be a part of. With the quick succession trends and technologies, it isn’t enough to look one year ahead; rather, modern meeting and event planners should keep their eyes on innovation coming over the horizon for the upcoming years within long-term planning range.”

Pradeep Naik, EC Marketing & PR, KEMA, said, “We at KEMA are working towards customer delight and making collaborations with Event management industries an everlasting experience as Clients and Corporates depend on us to make their celebrations,  landmark events and memories for a lifetime. It is these enchanting 'moments of truth' that we want to create in the minds and hearts of our clients with the quality of services we plan to enhance with every event we manage for them so that we make it a meaningful association for both the clients and the event management industries. We have covered crucial topics that are of the utmost necessity to successfully run an Event Organization. Topics ranging from Licensing for Event Organizations and Roles and support of Government organizations in supporting the Events Industry, to seeking guidance and support from industry veterans for the benefit of the upcoming event organizations have been covered in the previous editions.”

Sanjeev Kapoor, President, KEMA said, “KEMA started as a small group of people initially now has 80 organizations as paid registered members in a short span and saw participation from 200 odd event organizations and is growing strong. Our aim is to collaborate and to address all issues faced by event companies including licensing, start-ups, venues, legal, incubation, etc.”

“We have been regularly organizing many such panel discussions with government organizations and various stakeholders to bridge the gaps and make companies more compliant, equip them with all necessary information, work in unison by sharing our experiences and support our fellow members to run their establishments hassle-free. This will not only improve the quality of the organizations, but will also help us organize events in a more planned and structured way, and that, in turn, will help our clients” he added.

For the first time ever in the history of the Indian Events Industry, the previous General Body Meeting of KEMA saw, KEMA and Event Equipment and Service Association (EESA) join hands to enhance the quality and services of Events in a more structured fashion. It was one of the most noticeable developments in the history of Event industries which will cater to Karnataka and will gradually to the rest of India during the years to come.

The KEMA Monthly General Body Meeting had Shridhar R, Regional Manager Karnataka, NOVEX Communication Pvt Ltd, and Rasheed Sait, MD, George P Johnson talking about the Perils and imperils of "Licensing in Event Industry" as a part of the panel discussion and Srinivasa H M, Additional Director, MSME participating in a panel discussion and sharing information on Role and Importance of MSME in the  Event Industry in the previous editions while the highlight of the General Body Meetings over a couple of months was having Dr. Venkat Vardhan, the Doyen of Event Management Industry as Honorary Chairman of  KEMA.

On account of Monthly General Body Meeting of Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA), a panel discussion was organized on Importance of Copyright & Licencing for Event Management Organizations.

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