An Exclusive Interview with Nanni Singh, ShowCase Events sharing about their IP, Future Event & More

Marketing | December 19, 2019 | Interview

ShowCase Events Sounds from the Desert Hindustan Times Mingle

With an aim to curate, create and execute experiences, ShowCase Events ensures to customize every detail to achieve what is expected by the client. In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Nanni Singh, CEO, ShowCase Events gives an insight about their exclusive IP – Sounds from the Desert, future plans and more!

Know more in the excerpts below –

How was the idea of your exclusive IP – Sounds from the Desert conceived and how did you activate it?

ShowCase events, as a company was primarily conceived with the intent of showcasing the original music and good but dying talent, due to lack of right visibility and platforms. Curations leading to experiences is our main forte and music is our first love. 

In the Folk genre, what the artists today are playing as Folk is totally commercialized music. That’s when we thought of channelizing our love for music into curations under the name of Sounds Of India and curated our First one: Sounds From The Desert- A complete showcase of Rajasthani Folk Music. A production that has 19 artists from different parts of Rajasthan exhibiting their prowess and natural, untrained talent. We curated this production and presented it with planned and shot visuals, sensitive instrumentations, and sounds.

Kutle Khan our lead vocalist, and one of most versatile musicians from Rajasthan, worked with us on the curation and we put together artists from Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Barmer, Hamira, Bikaner and Jaipur. We planned our musical flow. We, being Kutle Khan, Atul Churamani (a master curator and Managing Director of Turnkey Music and also our music advisor) and me. The movements of the sounds, vocal and instrumental, with the intent of bringing alive the old forgotten folk songs of Rajasthan. Also detailing in the sounds of the instruments and the jugalbandis to enhance the impact. The flow was planned in a story line, which is what folk music stands for, and presented. 

The audience, across all age groups, loved it and the music journalists gave the show fantastic reviews and this made us feel that we had managed to bring the change. Thus now will focus on other SOUNDS.

Can you share insights on your recent Hindustan Times Mingle event? 

Hindustan Times, as a media house, supports a lot of good initiatives where they encourage people to come forward and showcase their talent. In this series, while they had been working with only the millennial gen, we suggested they take it up another notch and make a stage for Corporate heads to let their hair down and have a fun filled afternoon, where like minded Corp-heads connect through music. We were happy when they liked our concept, and for people, who otherwise have no time, being hectic in the hustle of their boardrooms and meetings, to be able to spend a funfilled relaxed afternoon. Thus we curated a plan where a small group could meet and do what they personally love doing most. This property is called HT Mingle. Networking along with music. The idea is also to bring in one celebrity artist in each mingle who also jams with these biggies from the corporate world, thus making it a complete experience.

We have completed two successful editions of the Mingle, in Gurgaon and Mumbai. Plan is to take this pan India.

How is Showcase Events crafting experiences with uniqueness?

At ShowCase events, we customise experiences. Thus each activity, curation or event has a personal feel. As a team we strongly feel that we need to take away the impersonal, typical event company tag from our events and make them special for our clients while handling them professionally. To craft and experience out of each event, whether big or small, and to leave a happy memory behind.

Be it a corporate do or a musical or corporate curation, a design or fabrication, a concert or an offsite, we bring in experiences that stay with the client and the audience.

We blend in different characters and mediums to enhance the event. Our uniqueness is in our capability of executing the concepts, whether ours or the clients, in personalized and professional way.

What other future initiatives are planned through ShowCase Events?

As shared above, our heart is into music and revival of the forgotten folk is what we will be focusing on. With one property alive: Sounds From The Desert, we are now working on the next two, which you will hear of very soon. Every states’ folk music has its own story to tell which needs to be brought out with care.

We have also done a beautiful production called Ek Mulaqaat- a blend of poetry and music.

Mystical Music Series-is a show where we have showcased the amazing blend of Opera with Rajasthani Folk. An Opera in Hindi has never been done before. A showcase of a fusion of two diverse folk forms.

We are also coming up soon with the first time ever concept of a Sitar Festival.

We have also developed showreels for many artists thus helping them to promote themselves.

Follow us on our socials and keep abreast of our activities and upcoming shows. We are showcasing different productions pan India.

We do a lot of work for different Charities too, where we have executed events as fundraisers for them, be it in Kolkata, Delhi or Kasauli. Medical conference for Thalassemia, musical shows for kids with dyslexia, kids suffering from heart conditions and from Thalassemia.

ShowCase events stands for events with a difference, events that can make a difference.

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In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Nanni Singh, CEO, ShowCase Events gives an insight about their exclusive IP – Sounds from the Desert, future plans and more!

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