Tilak Swarup, Director, Liviano Lighting Talks about Unique General Lighting Range for Events

Marketing | December 12, 2019 | Promo Feature

Liviano Lighting Tilak Swarup

Liviano, a pioneer in lighting solutions in India, uses the award-winning French technology to provide unique event lighting and enclosures. Used across sporting arenas, corporate events, private parties, industrial, search & rescue, their products add a new dimension to client's application! Either covered with beautiful fabrics and patterns or simply left alone with a corporate logo, the creativity, and flexibility of Liviano products will allow the client's imagination to soar! Liviano‘s passion is to provide its customers with an exciting experience for its lighting and design needs.

Here is an exclusive interview with Tilak Swarup, Director,  Liviano Lighting System where he talks about unique event lighting and enclosures. 

What are the latest trends and products that Liviano Lightings offer?

Liviano offers a range of inflatable portable lights ranging from a portable 7500Lumen for confined areas to a massive 440,000 Lumens to illuminate 20,000-metre square. Our USP is the characteristic glare-free illumination no matter how high the wattage is. This is achieved by using mylar woven in the envelope. Our products are great for emergency and quick lighting of spaces including very large areas with a single unit. Further our products are the only ones which light up 360 degrees and with minimal shadow. The compact size and quick setup without any civil work make our light the preferred product for events. The latest range of light is the dynamic white, where the color temperature can be controlled from warm white to daylight. Further, the large surface of the lighting fixture can be customized with logos, branding, and signages. These can be powered by a portable generator, battery pack or a vehicle. This provides a complete solution to the customer. 

According to you, what shift do new products and technology bring in the current market?

The latest products offer higher Lumens per watt hence they are brighter with the same power consumption, overall reducing consumption, wiring weight and equipment size. Further light intensity and color rendering index (CRI) can be controlled via a mobile application. This allows for a whole lot of flexibility such as control of each LED panel within the light individually.  

What are the benefits that Liviano Lightings offers its customers? 

Our innovative range provides the ultimate in temporary lighting solution. We set up quickly without any civil work and provide a homogenous, shadowless and 360-degree lighting solution in the most challenging of event sites. Our range is packed down to small size to fit a small car and can be installed within 10 minutes yet are extremely sturdy in rain and wind. 

How do you position Liviano Lightings in the global market?

Liviano has partnered with award-winning Airstar of France, which is the world leader in inflatable lighting for events, filming & shooting, industry, construction and search and rescue operations. The general lighting range is the global leader with customers in NATO, the Israeli army, French Army, US Army, along with a whole lot of police, disaster, medical departments. But the event production agencies remain the biggest clients. 

What can the industry expect from Liviano Lightings in the future? 

The industry can expect a lot of innovation from our strong R&D in France. There will be brighter and more robust lights, consuming lesser power and more controllable. Further increasingly we will be able to provide larger lights running self-sufficiently on battery packs.

Liviano Lighting System is used across sporting arenas, corporate events, private parties, industrial, search & rescue, their products add a new dimension to clients application!

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