"I Like to Mesmerize the Audience with Different Acts" Says Sandeep Lokhande

Entertainment | November 5, 2019 | Promo Feature

Sandeep Lokhande

Sandeep Lokhande is a TV host, RJ, Mimicry artist, Standup comedian, and Entertainer. He entertains the crowd with his versatile talent of Mimicry, imitating more than 64 voices. He is a one-man army who anchors the show and takes it to the next level supported by tonal quality voices with a mastery of dubbing. He is the Morning voice on 107.1 FM rainbow. A talented entertainer! Sandeep Lokhande shares insights from his journey as an entertainer in an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS.

Being an entertainer, can you elaborate on how you keep the crowd on their toes when you are on stage?  

I think God has been very kind to me by gifting me the most powerful tool that is my VOICE. The way you speak attracts the audience. I like to mesmerize the audience with different acts. When I am on stage, I just want my audience to enjoy, laugh, smile and be in a total joyful mood. I love to interact with them. I think in any event, the audience is very important and I appreciate every member’s efforts. As a standup comedian sometimes I do take jokes on myself it makes them laugh even harder.

How do you think being versatile helps you while performing different acts and how do you make sure its unique?

In today's competitive world, versatility plays a vital role. Yes, the audience appreciates it if it is done in a well manner. I call myself an entertainer as I switch according to the audience’s mood. I imitate 64 voices, sometimes I do pure stand-up comedy and no voices. Sometimes I do singing as well and as per the program’s show flow I also do Comedy Musical parody. Each time it has to be unique as the maximum time people tell me you have a good voice, you imitate so well and you sing well too, you should sing more! I try to do something new in every act, sometimes it goes well and sometimes I turn back to my voices which is majorly appreciated by all after all its magic of Vocal cords.

Merging the client brief with creative liberties - How difficult it is to balance both?

It's very important to understand the client's brief, you should stick to the basic, which is to do as per the client's requirement. Many times as an artist you want to do too much more but you also have to understand the event’s agenda. It has happened many times that the Mimicry act is appreciated and people are enjoying it and then you get a signal from backstage saying time up and you can't help but you say thank you on stage. As an artist you really want the audience to enjoy to the core but then you can’t help. There is also another story which says that many times the client wants you to buy time on stage and that too in multiple entries here your practice and your comedy gags come to the rescue. Your innovative versatility plays a very important role for which the client appreciates you and you have a repeat value. As an artist, you have to be prepared for such circumstances. Creativity is a must but it should go well with show flow. Therefore balance is very important.

What is the amount of research and practice you put into the script for each act?

Yes, very prominent question. There is a lot of research. You want your show to be outstanding and for that, you need to give attention to the script. The occasion of the event should be known first. Need to check the background, their history, their recent work, then a meeting is very important wherein the main pointers should be noted, then you need to work on the ideas that will click with this event. The working scenario of the company is very important to be known if you are doing an event for a company.

Enlighten us about your future plans.

Mimicry, standup comedy was always entertaining act for ages. There are somethings in the pipeline. Coming up with a neat and clean comedy which I personally adore and I am sure people will love it. Oprah Winfrey once said that the more you praise and celebrate in your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Very truly said by her and celebration means being yourself, laugh, smile and experience God's wonderful gift of joy and the best part is the celebration multiplies when you are with friends and family.

I would thank god million times for making me Standup Comedian/Mimicry artist, where I try my best to make people laugh and smile. And the best part is my Mimicry act can be enjoyed by everyone. Mimicry is an art, you respect it and it gives you back blessings in many ways through laughter and applause too.

I am really happy to be nominated in the top 3 best standup comedian category in the prestigious LIVE Quotient 2019. I would like to thank the jury members and everyone for their love.

I work on radio and I do love to host and I also do my mimicry night shows, each category is different and unique in its own sense. Radio is a different broadcasting media where the RJ  links and amazing choice of the song plays a very important role. People still call and say they loved my show, they sometimes even talk about the link which I said some years ago, that’s the power of radio.

Live hosting needs to have many things – presentable, punctuality, research, humor and good presentation of the acts. Taking good lights on stage is also very important, fortunately I was guided by my guru- cum-Friend Ranjan Sahu on stage when we both were hosting SALMAN khan Night in Muscat.

Blessed to be a MIMICRY Artist as I really love when people laugh and the auditorium is filled with a huge round of applause during Mimicry act. The smile, joy on people’s face is simply amazing. I truly agree - 

Zindagi ki asli khushi ye nahi ki aap kitne khush hai,

Zindagi ki asli khushi to ye hai ki aap ki wajah se, dusre khush hai!

Muskurate rahiye, khilkhilate rahiye, aur hasna hai to mujhe zarur yaad rakhiye.


Sandeep Lokhande shares insights from his journey as an entertainer in an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS.

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