Imagica Unveils its Brand New Positioning as ‘India’s Biggest Amazement Park’

Marketing | November 5, 2019 | Press Release


Imagica is set to own the space, as ‘India’s Biggest Amazement Park’. Via this new, differentiated brand positioning and supporting the campaign, Imagica aims to break through the clutter by not only going beyond the concept of amusement, carving a niche for itself but also redefining and extending the scope of the existing ‘amusement park’ category definition prevalent in India. 

The new brand campaign has been ideated and conceptualized to bring out Imagica’s entertainment offerings. Extending beyond the rides and thematic shows, a day at Imagica would also include acrobatic stunts, dance performances, carnival akin character parade, street magic and more. 

Doc. M. A. Zing. will be the face and voice of the brand campaign, Imagica’s key, the young target audience will easily relate to him. The Media marketing mix is also a derivative of Imagica’s consumer segmentation which comprises mainly of on-the-go, media-savvy ‘Young Adults’.


Elaborating more, Raveendra Singh, Head of Marketing, Sales & Strategy, Adlabs Entertainment Limited said, “Imagica has been relentlessly pushing the envelope each year to pleasantly surprise guests with its unique offerings. This has translated into a strong intent to sustain as well as keep increasing the entertainment quotient that leaves guests with a sense of amazement. The decision to, therefore, embrace the new brand positioning as India’s Biggest Amazement Park has been simple and effortless. From a brand strategy standpoint, the campaign treatment approach applied is also truly innovative with the brand now having a voice of its own in the form of Dr.M.A.Zing.” Continuing on, he said “To take the amazement concept a step forward, we have also re-evaluated our pricing strategy. We are offering guests access to this unparalleled entertainment universe at charming pricing of INR 999 onwards every-day, all through the festive season.” 

Joy Ghosal, Co-Founder, and Head - Creative Strategy, Marching Ants, added “In today's world where all parks are seen or treated equally, our objective was to create a superlative proposition deserving of Imagica's scale, size and experiential superiority as a communication context to the consumer. The key proposition was articulated using the tangible superiorities of Imagica by coining a new term in the category which was "India's Biggest Amazement Park". This was derived out of consumers speak who termed their experience at Imagica as always amazing. With this in mind, we created the character Doc. M.A.Zing - a quirky 'scientist of fun'. Through short films, this character narrates Imagica's amazing story of largeness, fun, and exhilaration and finally calls out the price point.”

Speaking more on the creative content route, he said “To further go down the path of disruption, we got onto the most used platform in the digital world - Youtube & Facebook and decided to create an element of surprise just before the audience got to see what they wanted. We created contextual Youtube videos that played just before the audience's desired video. These ads emphasized how routine means of enjoyment are boring and it can only be 'healed' by Doc.M.A.Zing's recommendation of amazement viz., Imagica.”

Imagica aims to break through the clutter by not only going beyond the concept of amusement, carving a niche for itself but also redefining and extending the scope of the existing ‘amusement park’.

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