India’s Greenest Music Festival - Echoes of Earth is Back with its Fourth Edition!

Entertainment | November 1, 2019 | News

Echoes of Earth TBD, Bangalore

Echoes of Earth started off with and objective of bringing new music from across the globe to the Indian audiences, who are evolving in their music taste. The festival decided to use this platform as a medium to educate people about sustainable living and to bring about a change in how large-scale events can be produced keeping in mind the green ideology & instill a sense of direness towards the preservation of Earth. After three successful years, Echoes of Earth is back with its fourth edition on December, 7th & 8th 2019 at the TBD in Bangalore.     


During the festival the audience witnesses ecological approaches & practices at play, made possible by adopting the most sustainable means of construction, energy, & waste management while also employing state of the art technology. Catering to a varied age demographic, the music at the festival is also as eclectically designed as the stages and installations. Year three celebrated the Wonders of the Deep that came to life through the stage designs & art Installations. This year, the festival will celebrate ‘The Sanctuary’ highlighting the endangered species of India and the world.

The festival's concept at the core is to continue being India's one of a kind music and lifestyle event while adopting the most sustainable means of construction and waste management and preserving the grounds of the festival venue. Echoes of Earth is a pioneer bringing international musicians across genres in the Indian Sub-continent by hosting over 200 artists across 3 years. Ethereal sounds coupled with our uniquely designed stages in the great outdoors have always been a highlight of the festival since its inception.

Speaking about the festival, Roshan Netalkar, Festival Director, Echoes of Earth Music Festival said, “The festival in the last three years has grown four times bigger and will see 20,000 people in the fourth edition. Our music has also grown with our audiences - one with an evolved taste in music. This year we focus on the endangered species of flora and fauna in India and the world, and we’re so excited to see it come together on the 7th & 8th of December in Bangalore.”

The festival is tailored for people from different walks of life and different parts of the world seeking a break from the mundane and looking for an escape over the weekend. The experience is a sensory explosion; visually striking stages and installations, great music spanning across multiple genres, the freedom and space to ‘move’, safely in a large space, provides an atmosphere to relax, chill out and meet like-minded people. Echoes of Earth celebrates the diversity of music from across the globe while also inspiring the audience to be environmentally conscious by protecting the venue itself.

After three successful years, Echoes of Earth is back with its fourth edition on December, 7th & 8th 2019 at the TBD in Bangalore.

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