An Exclusive Interview with Bhavnesh Sawhney and Farid Khan on Redefining Event Experiences

Weddings | October 17, 2019 | Interview

FB Celebrations Pvt. Ltd.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Bhavnesh Sawhney, Director and Co-founder, and Farid Khan, Director, and Co-founder, FB Celebrations Pvt. Ltd., speak about their new venture, their experience and the plans for the future. Know more in the excerpts below -

1. Tell us something about FB Celebrations

FB Celebrations is a top event management company for event styling for discerning individuals who desire a dream celebration, from social to corporate events.  Our specialised services include exquisitely designing and elaborate decorating with internationally acclaimed exclusive floral décor and designs, to name a few. FB Celebrations is a one-stop-shop, we house experts in departments like show running, modern technology, stage design, setup, hospitality, and guest-relations that overall forms the core concept making us an exquisite event management company in India for events, corporates, wedding, parties, anniversaries and all other events.


2. What are your vision and future plans for FB Celebrations?

Farid and I have been planning bespoke events for over two decades and with all the experience we’ve gathered over the years we plan to stretch our creativity into tailoring luxury corporate events and conferences and weddings on a larger and more luxurious scale. 
Our Vision – We want FB Celebrations, to be synonymous in the client’s mind, for tailoring big luxurious events and weddings.
Vision statement: To be the company that magically transforms your dreams into reality and/or curate magical experiences for all.


3. You both have been in the industry for decades, which has been the most exciting/memorable wedding you guys have planned so far?

The cruise wedding for Adel and Sana Sajan which was from Barcelona to Savanna, a three day memorable trip for the married couple and one of the most memorable weddings for us, who organised it. What was most exciting for us was to be able to create entertainment 24/7 for three days, being on a ship sailing from place to place its hard to keep the guests entertained throughout, but what we had in mind was to create something magical for the couple and all their guests and never have a moment where anyone felt there was a dull moment. 


4. What were the challenges in pulling it off?

The cruise wedding, having 1200 pax on-board did not come with your normal challenges. As we were mid-ocean, we had to be fully ready for any weather-related issues, emergencies or requests and had to be ready and be able to deliver in any circumstance.
As cruises have entertainments for kids and adults, we had to have activities happening 24/7, to entertain the guests through-out. We had different and unique stalls and entertainment like a Nutella crepe station, a gaming arcade, a casino to name a few. We also had very unique and exquisite artist performances, like a mid- seawater rocket show, we had professional swimmers performing a show in the swimming pool and much more. Co-ordinating of artistes, was a challenge as we had different artists getting off and coming on at each port we stopped over at. 
As we were on a cruise, we also had a fixed location, the option of banquets/halls on the cruise were limited and the events were at the same place. Another big challenge was a turn-around of the venue each time to look different and create a different feel each time. 


5. How are you planning to take your experience to create something new for every couple and their wedding dreams/every event you execute?

We consider ourselves very lucky as very often we get to work with new families, different thought processes and ideologies, different destinations. We get to work on new concepts, which allows us the creative freedom to give them what they dreamed of, every single time. With each new project, we work on/family we work with; we get a chance to do better and not repeat mistakes/shortcomings we’ve had in the past.
Money can buy you happiness and also buys you the experience of a lifetime. Clients want something rare, exceptional, and genuine.


6. What trends do you foresee for the upcoming wedding season?

Minimalistic décor
Less is more
No wastage of flowers
Eco-friendly weddings
More intimate family affairs,
Curated artiste acts
Attention to detail


7. Which are your favourite Indian destinations for an exotic/luxurious wedding?

Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Goa, Mussoorie, Jaipur, Rishikesh


8. What are your thoughts about collaborating with new partners for creating memorable events?

It is good to collaborate with different people and their set of strengths, working with a mix of ideas and thoughts always creates something exceptional and the kind of exposure that is brought on only strengthens and adds value to your credibility. 


9. What challenges do you foresee in starting off on your own? What are the plans to overcome such challenges?

Getting enough business, sustaining yourself, getting a good and loyal core internal team who are passionate as we are and also like-minded people, creating a comfortable work culture, structuring the working processes of our offices. 

The director spoke about their new venture, their experience and the future plans to bring more to the table in the event industry.

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