Raja RME Hosts and Creates a Theme Song For HDFC ERGO

Entertainment | October 11, 2019 | Promo Feature

Raja Mukherjee hosted the celebration of 17th Foundation Day - HDFC ERGO on September 30th, 2019 at JW Marriott, Mumbai. He created a theme song called 'Just like that' for the Foundation Day and also performed on the same song at the event. 

Raja Mukherjee captured few moments from the event, created a video and released it on the online platforms. MadPlug exclusively produced the track for the theme song. This was a very exciting engagement technique used for the first time in the banking and insurance industry.

He has the ability to interact with the crowd and thus brings out life in the audience with his entertaining skills. Raja is known for his energy and enthusiasm he brings on stage while performing. 

WOW Awards theme song 'No Limit', was his first video after which he decided to take a step further in the event industry. 

“With my brand #MicrophoneDuties I've believed the sky's the limit with the microphone. Post the reception of wow anthem. I literally saw a paradigm shift within the event industry and how they were keen on seeing me back on stage not just as a host but as an entertainer and an artist. They opened up to the idea of how amazingly this concept of customizing an entire occasion with words and making them a part of it while hosting the entire occasion could actually happen. This established me only rapping host in the world.

HDFC house being one of the most respected stables in our country for over decades. I couldn't wish for anything better but an opportunity to create a theme song for HDFC ERGO. The top most general insurance company in India with a strength of over 10k employees. 

I made wrote the rap and thought of the music just like I would for any of my projects with a vision and an amazing brief from the client but like always I had to add a little bit of Raja RME and the funk of MadPlug in it. 

The rest was history. I had people scream back the lyrics of the track.. right at the start of the show this is within 3 mins of them ever seeing me on stage.. just then I knew it was going to be an amazing evening ahead which it was. It's all about what you give to the crowd they will give you back. 

The video was shot as a part of the project.. to showcase what I as an entertainer bring to the table and how we can keep scripting tomorrow and stay being number one.. just like my last two songs say. 

And I'm super excited about the rest of the projects  I'm working on and the amazing brands and event managers that believe in my ability to turn their vision into stories and raps“ said Raja Mukherjee, EMCEE and Host


Raja Mukherjee performed on the theme song at the event held for the celebration of 17th Foundation Day - HDFC ERGO on September 30th, 2019 at JW Marriott, Mumbai.

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