E3 Takes a Transformational Journey to Become Watworx

Industry Watch | October 14, 2019 | Promo Feature


The competition is growing more and more intense. New players and online cashback driven sales challenge well-established brands. Add to this the experimental millennial mind-set that doesn’t stick to any brand for long. All this pressurizes organizations to get maximum returns on wafer-thin marketing budgets. A wrong strategy that doesn’t work on the ground is a costly error from where there may be no getting back. It also leaves the window wide open for competition to sneak in.

The Trigger for Change

There is a growing expectation that partnering agencies have to somehow do more for less. They have to go the extra mile of not only defending the brand’s turf but annex new territories from the competition.

E3, Anupam’s earlier company had a successful run with international and domestic brands. Until they realized the ground realities were changing fast and furiously. Well settled brands were facing unprecedented erosion from new players. Content and experiences, it was creating were becoming more and more relevant than gimmicks and special effects. Nothing that worked so well before was going to work in the future. Things had to change.

Anupam had worked in MNCs which had a mix of ATL and BTL for several years. It made him realize that BTL agencies had to step out of their comfort zone. The legs and hands that BTL agencies were so far, would prove to be a useless offering without a brain or grey matter to back the effort.

The Eureka Moment

Throwing technology without relevance would be just a gimmick. Plugging innovation in launches without a strategy in place was something likely to misfire. Millennials of today liked storytelling to add value to their experiences.

Team E3 asked some hard questions from themselves.

What are the new expectations of the market?

What are we supposed to deliver to become a valuable partner for our clients?

What is the way forward to achieve that goal?

What is the change we must achieve internally before we could change the ground reality for clients?

The one answer that came up was in just one line:

Watworx for the brands we work is what should be our work moving forward!

Watworx, the idea was born. From worx mode, they switched to watworx mode.

A new beginning to become a winning partner

E3, their earlier company had a phenomenal run with one successful event after another, year after year. But it no longer seemed a suitable vehicle to move forward. The team’s thinking and vision had evolved. E3 had served its purpose. It was now for Watworx to go the distance and take brands to new unexplored territories. Take them to new horizons with strategy, tools, SOPs, content and experiences.

The Watworx CEF Loop– The philosophy behind the work

“Watworx is a living, breathing philosophy. We ingrained it after months of planning. The thought which fuels it is the CEF Loop – Concept, Execution, Feedback. It is not a process that moves in circles. It is an evolutionary loop that takes brands we work with, to new milestones and benchmarks of success,” says Anupam Mehrotra, Founder & CEO, watworx. “Moving forward, our concepts won’t be theme-based as has been the norm so far in the industry. They would be a research and strategy incorporated approach. They will be backed with intense brainstorming. We won’t hesitate to slaughter great ideas that don’t match the business objective or the budgets. What doesn’t work can’t be in watworx thinking.”

The execution engine of watworx is an intelligent, robust engine. It ensures zero defects in deliveries. It monitors social media tracking to measure audience engagement. It is backed with 100s of quality checks and rigorous cost analysis. Overspending on the frivolous is a redundancy that brands can ill afford today. watworx ensures the best of the experiences at the highest possible ROI.

No backing away from feedback

“Most companies avoid taking feedback. They are afraid of opening a Pandora’s box which is best left closed. The event is done and all they want is to close the job order as quickly as possible without raising further controversy. But we at watworx make it a point to take feedback from the client. We do it to gauge the effectiveness of the event, the success and the glitches. It is an intense session to create a learning curve for the client and us. We diligently record the inputs and make sure they are incorporated for similar events in future. Feedback is critical to event success. Thus, it figures in our CEF process loop. It has helped us meet rigorous expectations and even exceed them,” says Anupam.

An offer that clients will find hard to refuse

watworx offers strategic integration of Brand Solutions, Events, Experience, Exhibition for its clients to meet their goals and objectives. “We are committed to offering watworx for clients at prices that work hard to yield the highest ROI from their spends. Our new think tank, experience and the desire to be valuable partners for our clients ensure this vision translates on ground. When we make an offer to our clients, it is something they will find hard to refuse,” concludes Anupam.

For any further queries, you can contact watworx at +91 124-3751406 or email at hello@watworx.com

You can also visit their website at www.watworx.com

From execution to strategy, these wizards know Watworx for their clients!

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