ShowCase Events Celebrates One Year of Curating Events and Making Memories!

Marketing | September 30, 2019 | Promo Feature

ShowCase Events

With an aim to curate, create and execute experiences, ShowCase Events seems to be infused with all the right motivation and energy in just one year of its inception in the industry. Nanni Singh, CEO, ShowCase Events along with her team is an entrepreneur who recognised the need to make rich folk heritage available to the urban audience, a segment that always seems to be short of time.

To empower the traditional and folk musicians who need a proper voice and representation, ShowCase Events’ dedicated team of Vasundhara Agarwal, Rajshree Agarwal, Meenakshi Babar, Carl Alfonso, Sangita Todi, Dharmesh Digwal and Naina Kukreja have been working tirelessly. They also have Miecckey Bharucha and Atul Churamani on-board as their Special Advisors.

ShowCase Events’ first musical IP- Sounds From The Desert-An unusual journey into the true soul of Rajasthani Folk Music; a consolidated production of Rajasthani Folk, was presented at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai and the Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi. Curated and directed by Atul Churamani, technically produced by Carl Alfonso and hosted by Mihir Joshi, this event was highly appreciated by the audiences of all age groups.

Speaking about curating Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival and organizing many other charity events event, Nanni Singh, CEO, ShowCase Events said, “No recordings or streaming platforms can give you the goosebumps and the vibes that watching a Live performance does. The music lovers in the cities don’t need to miss out on it. I am happy to be a part of the movement that is pushing for more Live music to happen and bring it to the urban audience. There is a beautiful touch of inclusiveness in this.”

“How challenging could it be? It’s just musicians playing!”  Before I could verbalise my thoughts, Singh read them on my face. “These artistes are simple and sweet people who have their music as their lifeline. They were all shy of talking logistics and commercials and my team kind of had to make them understand how the scene works. I was concerned about them being taken for a ride by others. Gaining their trust and marketing them to sponsors has been an uphill trek,” added Singh.

This one-year-old company also brought into India one of the best Abba tribute bands from the UK and did two charity concerts in Kolkata and Delhi.

Having curated and executed client-owned event IPs including JSA-Soiree, Hindustan Times-Mingle and Client Associates- Perspectives, Singh said, “While we have a soft corner for musical events, we also have been busy with a good number of corporate events and conferences. The joy in the client’s face at the end of it is what we toil for.”

Singh’s company is credited with being one of the pioneers who brought these artistes literally out of their comfort zone to perform on wider stages to larger audiences.

Finally they believe, at ShowCase Events, Experience is not commoditized but customised!

With an aim to Curate, Create and Execute experiences, ShowCase Events seems to be infused with all the right motivation and energy in just one year of its inception in the industry.

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