WOW Journeys Studio: The Story of Bollywood Music Project By Tarsame Mittal Out Now!

Industry Watch | September 27, 2019 | Video Update

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The WOW Studio is back with episode 5 - a session in the Studio on noteworthy Journeys by professionals in the experiential domain, sharing experiences on building successful IPs with the objective of imparting essential learnings. Season 2 Episode 5: 'THE STORY OF BOLLYWOOD MUSIC PROJECT' featuring Tarasame Mittal of TM Talent Management is out now!
He explains his learning and challenges building the Bollywood Music Project in 5 parts: sponsorships, artist line-up, collaboration, idea creation, and execution. 

Tarsame Mittal said, “Bollywood Music Project is a platform which makes collaborations, ideas, and passion about music and musical performances possible.”

Watch the complete video here - 

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He shares meaningful insights on learnings and challenges of curating IPs like BMP - the truth of sponsorships, making artists work together, make collaborations and how to imagine an IP and achieve it.

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