"Sunburn Has Always Been a Trend Setter" - Karan Singh, CEO, Sunburn Global

Entertainment | September 11, 2019 | Interview

Karan Singh Sunburn Vagator, Goa

Sunburn, a Percept Intellectual Property, is India’s iconic music festival - an eclectic mix of music, entertainment, experiences, and celebration. Sunburn is all set for its 13th season that will be held from December 27th to 29th, 2019 at Vagator Goa. 

Here is an exclusive interview with Karan Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Sunburn Global. He shares some exciting insights of Sunburn’s 13th season coming up this year.

There are many music festivals that happen in India, what makes Sunburn stand out? 

I think sunburn has always been a trendsetter, we were the first one to enter the market, we have always been the biggest festival happening in India. We are always growing bigger and better in terms of artist, production, technology, stages, and experiences. 

Tell us about Sunburn’s artist line-up and its theme this year. 

Our artist line up is something we invest heavily in, I think we are the first to bring down many of the worlds best artists to India. We have worked with the biggest tour in this space, even this year audience can expect some of the massive names and some big surprises in the artist line up. This year with the festival going back to Goa after 3 years, it's a very important moment for us. The audience can also expect a lot of popular artists from different genres in both electronic and live this year. 

What are the challenges faced while curating an iconic music festival such as Sunburn? 

There are many challenges in India, from venues, regulations to infrastructure. For us, overcoming these challenges also keeps us going. Infrastructure is a big issue, the larger your event and festival go the more these issues matter. Getting 40-50 thousand people come each day, how do they get in, how do they get out, where do they park, where do they stay all these questions are to be organized effectively. We can't just focus on what's happening inside our festival. We try to plan very carefully, we try to chart out the entire experience for our customers right from the time they books tickets to the time they attend the festival and go back home. 

What are you expecting from Sunburn’s 13th season?

We are expecting, this will be the biggest season we have ever done. One of the exciting things this year is going back to Goa after 3 years. The main festival is something very exciting, we have received a great response to it, there is a lot of hype around it, and fans are as excited as we are. We are eagerly looking forward to delivering world-class experience this year. We have 5 arena tours happening. After the massive success of DJ Snake tour in March, we really wanted to focus on the arenas as well. We are bringing top artists like Wiz Khalifa in Delhi and Mumbai. As a part of Sunburn Campus, we are targeting to do an over 100 college festival this season. Overall things are looking very positive and exciting for Sunburn Season 13.   

Here is an exclusive interview with Karan Singh Chief Executive Officer, Sunburn Global. He shares some exciting insights of Sunburn’s 13th season coming up this year.

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