Fevicol Annual Sales Conference Conceptualised, Managed & Executed by OnStage

Business Events | September 9, 2019 | Press Release

Fevicol Annual Sales Conference OnStage Experiences LLP ITC Grand Chola, Chennai Fevicol

A 3-day annual conference for over 750 sales team members of Fevicol was conducted on August 23rd to 25th 2019 at  ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. OnStage was entrusted with conceptualizing, managing and executing the Fevicol sales conference. The event had to be high energy, incorporate content created to motivate the sales force, deliver the business agenda and corporate messaging for the year while allowing for un-conferencing and fun experiences so that sessions don’t get monotonous. 

OnStage came up with the concept of ‘Khelo Front Foot’, a theme that denoted aggression with passion. OnStage along with the Fevicol team felt that the theme would allow for the business message and the change in brand attitude to be well communicated to the sales team. With a concept and execution idea that centered on the sport of cricket, ‘Khelo Front Foot’ became the driving force behind the entire conference.

The set design incorporated a 15 feet huge cricket bat that allowed for every single person of the 750 Fevicol teams to sign on. This bat installation was later put up at the Fevicol corporate office post the conference. 

The 750 sales force was split into 7 different teams like cricket franchises allowing for some competitive spirit during the conference. Physical invites were sent out in the shape of cricket bats, which also doubled up as scratch cards that allowed every individual to score runs for their teams by scratching the card and revealing the runs hidden behind. These runs added to the team totals along with runs that teams scored from all the other fun un-conferencing activities during the 3 days of the conference. 

A session was curated between standup comedian Vikram Sathye, who also did an opening session with his cricket humour, Sehwag and Bharat Puri (M.D. Pidilite Industries). The session had Shewag share his personal lessons and experiences from the cricket field and Bharat Puri drawing parallels between cricket and business. 

Over the three days along with business sessions, there were also un-conferencing experiences that were created like the talent show for the sales team, box cricket tournament, a fun quiz, games in-between business sessions that lent to business learnings and cricket based installations. 

To celebrate 60 years of Fevicol, a performance titled ‘Fevicol ki Kahani – Bollywood ki Zubani’ was curated. This performance saw Fevicol team members perform on Bollywood songs over six decades, with every song showcasing a milestone in the history of the Fevicol brand. 

OnStage made use of technology as part of the conference, for the catch-box (throwable mic) for audience interaction, drones were used in the conference hall for team videos along with Sehwag and the mosaic photo booth which was incorporated as part of the emotional and inspiring closing to the conference. 

Clayton Fernandes, Partner OnStage, “Over the years Pidilite Industries has trusted OnStage with crafting experiences for their various divisions and the Fevicol team has always been at the forefront of establishing new benchmarks within the organisation with their event experience. The Fevicol Annual Sales Conference is an event that every year pushes the boundaries with its theme, concept, and execution and this year were no different. OnStage has always been able to understand the business viewpoints of its clients and ensured that the manner in which events and experiences are created echo the same.”  

C.G.Krishnan, Vice-President - Sales,  Fevicol Division, Pidilite Industries, "This year's sales conference in Chennai was special as we were celebrating the 60th year of Fevicol with our high energy sales team of more than 750 people from across the country. The brief to Onstage was to create an event that would bring out the business agenda of shifting gears with the changing times while at the same time celebrating the rich legacy of the brand Fevicol. I must say that the team at Onstage did a commendable job in conceptualizing and executing a sales conference that was really very special and created an absolutely delightful and memorable event.”

A 3-day annual conference for over 750 sales team members of Fevicol was conducted on August 23rd to 25th 2019 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai by OnStage

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