Mutreja Bros. Back in the Business of STCHing it All Together for Brands & Corporations

Industry Watch | September 9, 2019 | Interview

STCH Integrated Marketing Solutions Sachin Mutreja Sameer Mutreja G2Rams

Sameer & Sachin Mutreja, co-founder of Rams (later, G2Rams with WPP’s acquisition) have launched STCH - a full service integrated marketing agency with experiential as the core strength.  With Stch, they plan to bring a plethora of experiential marketing options by keenly understanding the client needs and provide them with impactful solutions.

In an exclusive interaction with EVENTFAQS, Sameer & Sachin Mutreja, the founders of STCH Integrated Marketing Solutions, spill beans about their all-new venture, vision for the future, and overall expansion plans.

From a corporate perspective, how are you planning to make a difference in the event industry with your new venture - STCH Integrated Marketing Solutions?

As experiential marketing mediums, events and activations have very high impact but very short life. Given that we now live in this new age hyper-connected world, the new avatar of events has to be a marriage between on-ground and digital. With these two stitched together, we should be able to give our solutions a longer life at a better value. That really is the plan and vision with STCH - to create experiential solutions that effortlessly and seamlessly flow between on-ground and online media and bring high impact for our clients.   

The Indian marketing ecosystem has become very dynamic over the past decade. New marketing mediums are in place; Comment on what will be the new marketing strategy of STCH and how will you cater to brands as a full-service provider for their marketing efforts?

No events / BTL company is a full-service provider. Even now the strategy is driven by ATL agencies, the creative thought, and communication are decided by ATL Agencies. And while we use words like through the line and Media agnostic, the reality is that they, best sell TVC’s and we best sell events and activation. The Play is in the digital medium and how one can marry an ATL Idea, or activation or a large format event to shout out loud or live a longer life. Everything is content and how it is delivered to the TG. So tailoring highly engaging content to brand attributes and ensuring we capture our TG at the right place, the right time and with the right experience is our promise.

How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in India? What according to you are top trends that are entering the experiential space? How is STCH equipped to handle this?

Digital Marketing is getting more specialised and more intelligent. It is also cheaper and so you see spends on it rising by 33% year on year. I think the role of content and creative thought remain the same. But the highly evolving nature of the digital medium allows us flexibility to experiment, change, update and quickly learn on what's working for the brand and what’s not. The new trends in apps, AI, performance marketing, experiential tech are all brilliant and super exciting. With Internet of Things, devices talking to zillion devices - in our future, we will change the way we live. And so will the marketing phase change. I see experiential tech flooding the market and people with the ability to combine this science with creativity will rule the roost. Be prepared to see a lot of niche IP’s on themes targeting very highly segmented audience.

How does it feel to be back in the experiential industry? What are the few aspects you will NOT retain from your past stint whilst building on STCH?

Very very interesting. The industry has evolved, the workforce has changed. We will continue to nurture the same culture of customer centricity and creativity that we are proud of but we will change the financial structure more conducive to individual growth. Everyone who drives growth for the company deserves to become a partner, so we may soon be experimenting with partnership structuring modeled after large consulting firms like PwC.

Sameer & Sachin Mutreja, co-founder of Rams that went on to become G2Rams with WPP’s acquisition have launched STCH - a full service integrated marketing agency with experiential as the core strength.

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