Insync Marketing and Event Solutions Conceptualizes & Curates Product Launch of 'Eye Max' for SETU

Marketing | September 9, 2019 | Press Release

Insync Marketing and Event Solutions Gallops, Mumbai SETU MC Anuj Gurwara Azeem Banatwalla

A new age natural solutions brand of nutrition supplements, SETU launched new product line to address challenges and solve problems, which are a consequence of our modern lifestyle. To unveil their new product range under ‘Eye Max', Insync Marketing and Event Solutions curated an event and press meet on July 3rd, 2019 at Gallops, Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai.

The buzz around the product launch was the ‘EYES’, ‘The Eyes being eyejacked’ and how for a long time we have been abusing our eyes from all the light from our digital devices thus leading to a poor vision health. The launch was hyped with a series of video as a pre – launch campaign called Eyejack. The campaign was themed around eyes getting tired and exhausted of the damage we are causing them and creating chaos in the city. The product launch was curated to provide a creative and interactive solution to the problem

Insync was given the mandate to conceptualize and curate the launch keeping in mind the “EYES” An eye – seeking pathway tunnel with Eyes staring at the guests was created at the entrance which acted as a continuation of the pre-hype campaign and was a talking point at the event. The event had a pre – function area where the guests could relax their eyes and give them a treat in form of an Eye Spa

The event started with MC Anuj Gurwara engaging the audience with questions on digital addiction and pinning the conclusion to our addiction to smartphones and our eyes suffering because of it. The traction was followed by a stand up performance by comedian Azeem  Banatwalla.

The pre – campaign videos were played to create a hype leading to the product launch. The key highlight of the product reveal was the Interactive Product Display where guests had to ‘Pick and Place’ the product of their choice on the podium and the product information was displayed on the screen in front of them.

A press conference followed for media interaction and bytes with Nihaal Mariwala, CEO & Founder and Neha Ranglanis, Nutrionist about their new product line and health supplements. The questions were addressed and doubts were resolved in no time which also helped the press and guests to understand the brand better. The event was a brand refresh for SETU, the press meet was the perfect combination to convey the brands new packaging, new product line and new messaging added Nihaal Mariwala, CEO & Founder.

Aditi Chakravarty, Brand Marketing Head, SETU quoted, “A big thank you to Team Insync for being the cornerstone for the well-executed SETU Brand Launch Event. It came with a fair amount of last minute unforeseen challenges but happy to have overcome all, given your agile and supportive teams.”

The key elements of the event were The Eye Tunnel, The Eye Spa and The Interactive Product Display.

Insync Marketing and Event Solutions curated an event and press meet to unveil SETU's new product range under ‘Eye Max' on July 3rd, 2019 at Gallops, Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai.

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