Wedding Duo Creates a Gorgeous Set-up for this Wedding in DLF Chattarpur, New Delhi

Weddings | September 4, 2019 | News

Wedding Duo DLF Chattarpur, New Delhi

Fancy, stylish, smiling, vibrant were words synonymous to the bride and simple, understated, warm, pleasant were words that defined the groom. This in a way was also the couple’s design brief.  It wasn’t about the do's and don’ts it wasn’t about colours or structures; it wasn’t about flowers or embellishments. it was to be timeless whose echo would resonate beyond.

“As a designer, I decided to think and feel like them to create a wedding I would be elated getting married in. Humble beginnings kind of sums up this couple. Their simplicity came across in many ways. The interest and detail they were going into to ensure their event catered well to the varied spectrum of guests that were invited to their wedding. The bride's love for dogs, their office gave shelter to almost 20-30 stray dogs and got them vaccinated. Her love for art, music, theatre which was poles apart from the groom's passion for video games and gadgets. I wanted to bring all this across in the design. Their warmth towards life and their diametrically opposite nature”, says Vishal Chand Mehra, Co-founder, and Director, Wedding Duo.

The two were poles apart but complemented each other almost poetically. If you met them once you wouldn't forget either of them. And that is what inspired their wedding decor. Delicate crystals juxtaposed with big palm leaves and greens. Raw barren dry grass tucked in with dainty pink and peach roses. I wanted the gloss of beaten brass as flower planters and candle stands with free and wild thistles. The plushness of suede with the raw nature of barren wooden dining tables.

Who says opposites don’t complement each other? Simple elements were used throughout the wedding. There was nothing fancy except the way it was treated. Like the corrugated tin sheets as the entertainment stage backdrop or the greens and leaves sprayed copper and gold to bring oomph and style or the white chola flowers and dry arrangements at the corners of the 12' high trusses with nude net curtains.

The wedding, in all, was a fabulous mix of beauty and persona!

“I wanted to bring the couple’s warmth towards life and their diametrically opposite nature into the decor”, says Vishal Chand Mehra, Co-founder, and Director, Wedding Duo.

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