Sussanne Khan & Sarah Todd Launch ‘Rhapsodie’ - An Exquisite Collection By Zoya

Marketing | August 26, 2019 | Press Release

Zoya Sussanne Khan Sarah Todd Tata Group Rhapsodie

Zoya from the House of Tata, recently presented ‘Rhapsodie’, an artistic collection characterized by delicate fluid designs and fascinating rare stones. It is inspired by the celebrated techniques of haute cuisine, reimagined into enticing forms of haute joaillerie. With an abstract interpretation of gourmet techniques such as dripping, brushing, layering, scaling, wrap and roll, pinch and fold, this summery collection redefined the rules of fine jewellery with versatile and wearable pieces, which are perfect for brunches and casual outings.

Celebrated interior designer Susanne Khan and master chef Sarah Todd joined Zoya’s Brand Head, Amanpreet Ahluwalia at the launch of this exquisite collection. As a founder of India’s first and most unique design concept store, Charcoal Project, Sussanne’s focus on design and creativity found synergy with Zoya’s own approach to creation of collections while Sarah, an internationally acclaimed restaurateur and chef was the perfect match for the event with gourmet plating techniques being the focal point of Rhapsodie.

Talking about the launch, Celebrated Interior Designer Sussanne Khan said, “The collection is a rare visual treat.  As a designer I appreciate its uniquely sweeping forms, colors and textures. Also, the brilliance of the stones - rutilated quartz, peridots, tiger eyes and briolette in interesting shapes and forms, make the pieces truly alluring. The use of refined technology and fine detailing has created a distinguished line of contemporary masterpieces that blend graceful femininity with industrial modernity.”

Sarah demonstrated various gourmet techniques that have inspired the collection to Sussanne and guests present at the event. Post which, the guests also tried their hand at different plating techniques. The collection which is designed for a quintessential Zoya woman and is an ode to her passion and creativity, features a stunning variety of chic yard chains, an array of playful rings and earrings, differentiated bracelets and exquisite pendants.

Speaking at the event Sarah Todd said, “I am excited to be at the Zoya collection launch. I admire the creativity and craftsmanship reflected in this stunning collection, Rhapsodie, which translates the richand diverse techniques of gourmet, into exquisite works of art. It is a creative concept and we have tried to show some of these techniques here today that have inspired the beautiful designs in this collection.”

Concluded Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Brand Head, Zoya, “Rhapsodie is a unique and artistic collectioninspired from different techniques of gourmet. It is characterized by fluid designs and differentiated texturesrealized through exquisite craftsmanship. It also introduces an interesting array of precious stones in fine jewellery, which are not usually seen in India. Meant for a modern, erudite woman who is a connoisseur of art, this collection is a tribute to her love, her passion, her fire and her creativity.”

Zoya’s Rhapsodie will be available in Mumbai and Delhi.

Celebrated interior designer Susanne Khan and master chef Sarah Todd joined Zoya’s Brand Head, Amanpreet Ahluwalia at the launch of ‘Rhapsodie’ - An Exquisite Collection By Zoya.

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