Lots of Colours, Dance, and Grandeur Harmonize Beautifully at this Qatar Wedding by Mosaic Events

Weddings | August 14, 2019 | News

Mosaic Weddings and Events Cupcake Productions Popular Catering St. Regis, Doha Mondrian, Doha

Mosaic Events planned the biggest ever Indian destination wedding in Doha, Qatar till date, with 700 guests, and 200 plus crew and artists over 4 days, spread across two hotels, St. Regis, Doha and Mondrian, Doha. The functions were from February 8th to 11th 2019.

700 guests – Mosaic Events left no stones unturned to create a never seen before wedding experience. This wedding blockbuster was not less than a 3-hour Bollywood blockbuster except that it was outlined for 3 nights and 4 days. An artist and crew of more than 200 members teamed up for the celebrations.

An Arabic Welcome Dinner – At Walima lounge, Mondrian, Doha the celebrations started with a cocktail party at the plush lounge of Doha, with choicest cocktails and delicacies, served along with music by Spinmaster Kaiz. Special welcome upon arrival was arranged wherein guests were served the best Arabic Savouries as every individual danced with a team of enthusiastic Arabic Dapke dancers, Arabic Hostesses welcomed the guest with Bakhur (Oudh perfume Smoke). Adding the Indian warmth with pearl malas and aarti tikka.

Mehendi & Sangeet The Arabic touch of welcome continued into the afternoon as guest experienced the Souk (specially created at the St. Regis Terrace) along with the ambience of a traditional Arabic market place. The spice markets, sadhu weaving, Oudh perfumery, palm-tree craft shops were a great hit amongst the women as they got a chance to splurge our own customised currency. The Arabic calligraphy, falconry, and Arabic dress-up booth were a hit with Kids and Men. All this topped up with the right mix of Arabic street food and Indian chats and delicacies.

Cocktail Night The Cinema StyleThe Evening was meant to make all guest high on music and revelry, the pinnacle moment featured a romantic song, the bride, the groom and the love that is to bloom and the commitment that was exchanged through rings to everyone’s surprise as the groom went on his knees. The mood was set just right for the evening with the upbeat Bollywood music by the renowned Bollywood music director - Pritam Chokroborthy along with Shalmali Kholgade, Nakash Aziz, Shriram Iyer & Antara Mitra.  

The Party-After at “The Club” - The spin master DJ Kaiz, did just what he is best known for, gave a good spin to everybody at the party, with latest trending music to an all-out rave and every single person there had an amazing time.

Shor by the Shore -  The day started with a beach carnival with something for everyone, as the guests walked in they were well taken care of, with summer hats, shades, and fancy tiaras, as the kids enjoyed the live candy floss, ice cream cart, popcorn and much more, they couldn’t get enough of the rain dance, while there were games like a giant Jenga and life-size dart board games for adults. The carousel bar had some amazing bartenders mixing cocktails and serving flame shots, the ladies really enjoyed with a relaxing massage by the beach. It’s like all the fun was happening right under the sun.

The Royal BaraatEarly evening that day, the Baraat started with high energy as the Arab Sheikhs marched with the wedding flags. The strokes band got the crowd tapping and jumping to every beat on the drums like there’s no tomorrow. The lead of this was the Ardah performance, which is the traditional Arabic sword dance of Qatar. 

Varmala and Phera Ceremony – It was like a wedding in paradise, the moon, the stars, the fire, and water; each element as a witness to the commitment of love & togetherness.

Reception and Dinner by the Pool – The reception dinner was a perfect combination of grandeur and intimate settings, with 30-metre stage for the couple and the finest table settings, infused with right ambience lights and elaborate table props. Uplifting the evening with music was a 3-piece band teamed by a British keyboard player, a Spanish guitarist and a Jamaican trumpet player who outperformed themselves by surprising everyone with the Bollywood romantic music.

Raj Batra, Founder Director and CEO, Mosaic Events India, shares, “Cannot thank NTC (National Tourism Council, Qatar) enough for the support and help in making this wedding that it was. In the minimal time frame, the best of services were offered by the tourism authority. To mention a few - A specially dedicated immigration centre for all wedding guest, assistance with customs in the clearance of all the material carried by various agencies, a blanket license for all the events during the wedding, and the Ardah dance at Baraat, with the compliments of the Qatar tourism”.  

Wedding Partners

Wedding Planner: Mosaic weddings & Events (Turnkey Solution)

Cinematography: CupCake Productions

F&B consultation: Popular Catering.  


The wedding was a 4-day affair with everything from Arab dance performances, exclusive feasts, and décor that adds more to this luxury wedding.

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