Chanda Singh and Nupur Jain Launch an Experiential Agency- XP&D

Industry Watch | July 25, 2019 | News


After being a part of Geometry Encompass, both Chanda Singh and Nupur Jain have now come together to launch an experiential agency called XP&D. They have come up with a new model for the agency that will use in-house talent to execute projects for its clients and also use talent from across the industry. The aim is to ensure that their clients get the best possible business solutions and make the entire process more transparent, which has been a persistent challenge in the experiential industry. Despite coming into existence recently, XP&D executed multiple big-ticket projects for brands including Asian Paints, Hyundai, and Kia Motors. 

Chanda Singh, CEO, XP&D said, “We have tried to create a transparent and collaborative business model that will be absolutely transparent for our clients, partners and our people. One thing that we feel is missing from a lot of projects that we have worked on, is the correct integration of digital. While there might be pockets of things happening, the reality is that a digital integration on an overall project doesn't happen very seamlessly. And it is not just about one project. We need to create a complete digital ecosystem and people need to understand that digital while experiential will keep happening, digital is the future for the industry. So we are collaborating with a lot of experts in this field and whether it's content, experiences or something as simple as getting people on board to attend an event, all this work has to happen on a platform that can be reviewed and is quantifiable. So currently, our focus is on creating a full digital ecosystem.”

Nupur Jain, CEO, XP&D added, “What we mean by a collaborative platform is that there are a lot of people in the industry who are experts in their individual fields. So the idea is that, whenever we get a project or a brief, we will identify the right kind of experts from within the industry and collaborate with them, to be able to create the best product for our clients. We won’t keep ourselves limited to just the in-house talent but also work with talent from various segments to fulfill the various demands of our clients. Our aim is to help in getting the right people on board who can collaborate with us for various projects.”

Chanda Singh and Nupur Jain both were a part of Geometry Encompass have come together to launch an experiential agency called XP&D.

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