Left to right- Sanjeev Pasricha, Samit Garg, Chetan Vohra, Rajeev Jain, Manish Sisodia, Sabbas Joseph, Suresh Samudre.

EEMA’s Recommendations on Delhi Government's Recently Proposed Policy on Hosting Events in Delhi

Industry Watch | July 24, 2019 | News


EEMA presented their recommendations to the Delhi Government as a Draft Policy that speaks for Holding Social Functions in Hotels, Motels, and Low-Density Residential Areas in National Capital Territory - Delhi. This is an initiative by EEMA to communicate the feedback and recommendations on the draft policy to the government.

The Government of NCT of Delhi is trying to regulate a policy for the events and social gatherings to streamline them in order to lessen the wastage of food and water, pollution, and facilitate the better management of traffic and parking of vehicles. If the draft policy is brought into action, it will affect the livelihood of masses for which EEMA seeks an opportunity to be heard by the Government. 

Clauses proposed by the Delhi Government are, maximum numbers of guests should be according to the load factor @ 1.5 sqm/person or number of car parking multiplied by four. The requirement of the tent to be compulsorily dismantled after the function is over. The social function should be held only in authorized/ approved spaces (excluding residences and open spaces in Bungalows like in New Delhi). CCTV cameras should be installed with a minimum of 30 days of recording capacity. Security amount of Rs.5 lacs to be paid for social functions in hotel, motel, and LDRA.

Left to right- Sanjeev Pasricha, CEO, C.S. Direkt; Samit Garg, Founder Director, E Factor & SkyWaltz; Chetan Vohra, Director, Wedding Line; Rajeev Jain, Director, Rashi Entertainment; Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi; Sabbas Joseph, Founder-Director, Wizcraft International; Suresh Samudre, Chairman, EEMA.

Recommendations by EEMA are, the limit in a number of invitees and guests should be relaxed. LDRA should be allowed to construct permanent structures for multiple numbers of Social functions. Social functions should be allowed in residential spaces also subject to usual traffic laws. The recording capacity of the CCTV camera should be limited to a week. Security amount is prohibitively excessive if charged for every event.

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EEMA represents in relation to Draft Policy for Holding Social Functions in Hotels, Motels and Low-Density Residential Areas in NCT Delhi.

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