KEMA Organizes a Panel Discussion on ‘The Past, Present & Future of Event Industry’

Business Events | July 18, 2019 | Press Release


Event Management is looked upon as a sunrise industry in the service sector. The past decade of the Indian economy has witnessed an alarming growth in the size of Event Management Industry. The scope of Events has been widening day by day and today Event Management has become an integral part of any Marketing plan. A large number of companies have already recognized the benefits of Direct Marketing through events. Events are considered as a means to Launch, Advertise or Build a brand.

When we talk of performances of Yanni's Concert at the backdrop of Taj Mahal, Bryan Adams, Ricky Martin, Vengaboys, Aerosmith, Shakira, Iron Maiden, Metallica and who's who of Music Industry performing in India, there is only one name that springs up. 'DNA Entertainments' the brain child of Dr. Venkat Vardhan, founder of DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd. and the Doyen of Event Industry in India. 

The Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA), on account of its Monthly General body meeting, organized a Panel discussion on "The Past Present & Future of Event Industry”. The monthly meet saw Dr. T. Venkat Vardhan Founder of DNA Entertainment Networks addressing the event management industries of Karnataka. It was held at ITC WindsorManor, SankeyRoad. 

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Venkat Vardhan said, “Event Management Industry has gained momentum only from the past few years. With consumer purchase behaviours changing from investing their disposable income in material goods, to choosing to spend it on exciting experiences and opportunities, such as festivals. It's not just festivals that bring the limelight onto the events industry. Events for training purposes are picking up quicker. This includes conferences, workshops, seminars and other educational events that take place each and every year. In total, there are around 1.3 million business events held annually, each with their own unique offering – and this number is growing at a rapid rate. From festivals and live music performances to conferences, the events industry sees rapid growth over the next few years.The key growth drivers of event management in India are digital activation, sports leagues, rural expansion and increased government marketing initiatives. The fad of reality television in the form of reality shows, dancing and singing competitions have also contributed immensely to the growth of the event industry.

The industry doesn't just provide training and entertainment opportunities; it also makes a vast contribution to India's economy. It is estimated that the industry creates lakhs of full-time jobs, from the event crew members that set up the stage and the lighting to those in control of security, marketing and every other vital component that goes into organising a successful event. These jobs offer a high level of satisfaction and help to keep team morale at peak with the exciting environments that each person can be a part of. 

With the quick succession trends and technologies, it isn’t enough to look one year ahead; rather, modern meeting and event planners should keep their eyes on innovation coming over the horizon for the upcoming years within long-term planning range.

Event planners must be creative, organized, and thorough, yes, but where they really add value for their clients is their ability to build on information to predict needs in the future. Since meetings and events often take months to plan—perhaps even years—planners must live in the future while they work out exactly what the expectations will be at that time. That is why it is vital to begin implementing trends now, being an early adopter, and priming our eye to curate the trends that will appeal to our target demographics,” Dr. Venkat Vardhan concluded. 

"Mr. Venkat Vardhan has spent about three decades of his life in the event management industry, and is now planning to retire and be a mentor and guide his colleagues at DNA Networks to continue creating dream-come-true performances and shows in India. DNA Networks, well known for having brought popular international talent to India, originated as a result of Mr. Vardhan’s passion towards doing something different and big in the field of advertising".

Speaking on the occasion of the Event, Srikant Kanoi, and VicePresident of KEMA said “It was an honour to have the Doyen of Event Industry address the future Event Management companies and guide them. I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Vardhan to have taken the time off his busy schedule and participated in the panel discussion with industry experts to give us meaningful inputs that would benefit and support the Event Management Industry. His Insights and Foresights of the event industry comes of age and every moment spent with him and detailed conversation he had about the industry are milestones and referral guides for the future Event Companies to follow the footsteps of a Leader. 

Karnataka Event Management Association started as a small group of people initially now has 70 organizations registered in a short span and saw participation from 200odd event organizations and is growing strong. Our aim is to collaborate and to address all issues faced by event companies including licensing, start-ups, venues, legal, incubation, etc.”

“We have been regularly organizing many such panel discussions with government organizations and various stakeholders to bridge the gaps and make companies more compliant, equip them with all necessary information, work in unison by sharing our experiences and support our fellow members to run their establishments hassle-free. This will not only improve the quality of the organizations, but will also help us organise events in a more planned and structured way, and that in-turn will help our clients” he said. 

The KEMA Monthly General Body Meeting had Mr Sridhar R - Regional Manager Karnataka - NOVEX Communication Pvt Ltd and Mr Rasheed Sait - MD - George P Johnson talking about the Perils and imperils of "Licensing in Event Industry" as a part of the Panel discussion and Mr. Srinivasa H M, Additional Director, MSME participating in a panel discussion and sharing information on Role and Importance of MSME in the Event Industry in the previous editions. 

The Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA), on account of its Monthly General body meeting, organised a Panel discussion on "The Past Present & Future of Event Industry” by Dr. Venkat Vardhan.

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