"Right now in India, Monitor Mixing is a Black Art" Warren D'Souza, Founder & MD, SOUND.COM

Industry Watch | July 18, 2019 | Interview

EvenTech Academy SOUND.com

The Monitor Mixing Summit 2019 by EvenTech Academy (an initiative of SOUND.COM), is being held at Dublin Square, Phoenix Market City, Kurla West on August 6th, 2019. The summit will commence with workshops followed by panel discussions, after completion of which, each delegate will get 'Certificate of Achievement’ in Monitor Mixing.

The topics covered by the speakers will vary from basics to applications, to advanced techniques in Monitor Mixing. Speakers at the workshop will include Ashish Saksena, Bruce Rodericks, Fali Damania, James Baker, Mark Thomas, Raghu Ramankutty, Mark Thomas and Vanshaj Sharma. Panel Discussions on ‘Wired to the other end of the Snake’, ‘Careers in Monitor Mixing’ will be moderated by Fali Damania. Speaking about the EvenTech Academy, and this inaugural Monito Mixing Summit, Warren D’Souza, Founder, SOUND.COM, explains:

What is the objective of EvenTech Academy? What initiatives are you planning under this?

I personally have been hiring sound engineers and techs for around 20 years and I noticed that there was a huge void for audio education in the 1990s in the 2000's audio schools begun however were very studio-centric and in 2010 till date that took live experiential audio a bit more seriously however taught at a very elementary level.

In fact there is no Academy in Live Sound for preparing Engineer who has already a few years of field experience to take to the next level or a guy who has passed out of an audio school to hone his skills like how one can do a masters degree in a subject and hence EvenTech Academy was born to fill this big void. We have big plans and the positive outcome of the first outing has motivated us to take this further, in fact, the response has been pretty overwhelming from newbies to veterans in our industry. 

Why was Monitor Mixing chosen as the first session under this initiative?

Right now in India Monitor Mixing is a Black Art and so many who are even Applications/Monitor Engineers in the field are making so many mistakes and working on projects with ambiguity rather than confidence, we aim to help them take their skills to the next level.

What has been the feedback/progress on this inaugural session?

Nobody has in India has more than 30 paid delegates for any audio course and we have already crossed 120 delegates says a lot about the content, speakers & ideation behind the Summit and the Subject of choice too. However, now the pressure is on us to exceed their expectations as not only we have veterans & aspiring newbies, we have guys flying down from places like Europe, Middle East and various parts of India for the Summit.

What are the plans for the academy for the future?

I don't have a crystal ball for the EvenTech Academy but it's Audio Education-wise very focussed on real-world applications and how to even deal with pressure considering the nature of the work.

An exclusive interview with Warren D'Souza, Founder & Managing Director, SOUND.COM on EvenTech Academy.

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