EEMA Signs an MOU with Primordial Center of Excellence for HR Development

Marketing | July 11, 2019 | Press Release

EEMA Primordial Center of Excellence

EEMA goes aggressive on human resource development for the event industry - Signs an MOU with Primordial Center of Excellence. Initiative taken by EEMA North to add another milestone in EEMA’s vision for human resource development. 

Primordial Center of Excellence, empaneled by Haryana Skill Development Mission, Government of Haryana, is a premier learning & education endeavor operating in the graduate training and employability space with a single point agenda of transforming human resources into gainfully employable human capital with a high investment index.

The Center of Excellence intends to address the Indian growth imperative, as a knowledge-based economy, by leveraging skill-based education delivery mechanisms coupled with a strong focus on ‘Market Relevancy’ to generate a gainfully-employable pool of human capital. Since inception in 2010, the Institution has been offering ‘Graduate Management Trainee Programs’ (GMTP) through its endeavor the ‘Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development (INLEAD)’across emerging sectors such as Healthcare Administration, Event Management, Media & Public Relations, Infrastructure Management, International Business Management and International Hotel Management etc. to consistently realize its mission of knowledge-based transformation through value-added employment opportunities for the unemployed graduates of our country. 

The GMTP pedagogy revolves around five key areas, namely – Management Skills, Technical Skills, Employability Skills, Soft Skills and Application Skills and imparts the program components through alternate sessions of in-class and on-the-job training.

Event management is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian economy. In the absence of well-drafted education policy in event management, the gap between the growing human resource needs of the industry and the talent available is widening with each passing day.

This MOU will add to the efforts of the current EEMA Leadership to create a well-trained and talented pool of event industry professionals across India. These initiatives are small steps in ensuring event management industry gets access to well-trained and qualified manpower to meet its ever-growing demand in the coming years.

According to Vipul Pandhi – Vice President North - EEMA, “Event management industry has grown at a very fast pace over the last 10 years and will continue to grow at a high speed in the coming years. The way the industry is growing, we will be needing a huge number of skilled and trained manpower to take this industry to the next level. After signing similar agreements with IGNOU, Amity School of Communication & Pearl Academy recently, this is the 4th institute imparting education in event management to partner with EEMA. A robust education system will be a backbone in fueling our demand for qualified manpower and help the growth to claim their rightful place in India’s economy.”

As per Prerana Saxena, Head Education Committee, EEMA North, “As we are a service industry, only professionally trained and skilled manpower will give us a cutting edge and take us to the next levels. Our concentrated efforts in this direction will surely benefit the event industry.”

Initiative taken by EEMA North to add another milestone in EEMA vision for human resource development.

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