Party Cruisers Launches ‘The PEP Squad’ To Train & Uplift Entrepreneurs Financially

Industry Watch | May 30, 2019 | Press Release

Entrepreneurs are the ones who are developing smart solutions for the new age community. For the startups to bloom, it requires workforce management and high momentum. Party Cruisers Limited launched ‘The PEP Squad’ – Party Cruisers Limited Entrepreneurship Program which will be providing support and opportunity of being a business owner for the new ventures in the event and wedding management industry to spur innovations and help them address the real challenges and opportunities in the wedding industry. This will help them to set their foot in the ever growing industry.

Party Cruisers Limited will reconnoiter for intrepid ideas from domain experts. They have selected to build and advance the individual entrepreneur through world-class operational support. They will provide financial support that would counteract the needs of the startups for capital investments. Party Cruisers Limited will also provide them with the pan India networking. They will create strategies to attract and achieve extreme client satisfaction with a powerhouse back up for all sorts of needs that are required for their endeavor.

The entrepreneurs will be benefited in many ways. Party Cruisers Limited will create revenue-earning modules for go-getters, without any financial liabilities. They will help cut down the hurdles faced by the new ventures and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs by creating industry win-win situations for both entrepreneur and Party Cruisers Limited. This will help in creating industry ready entrepreneurs in all company service segments.

In this program, they will be offering brand and backup support, space and resources, financial and execution backup, marketing intelligence, industry knowledge and connect; career mapping, earning opportunities and a kick start to the entrepreneur's dream. There will be various scopes of opportunities in this industry like weddings, IP events, BTL or Activation, corporate events, Live and artist events, Next gen concept.

During the program, the entrepreneurs will have some core gaining like free usage of office resources, long term sustainability, brand support, and backup, industry connects, earning opportunities, knowledge and market know-how. The program will help the entrepreneurs to become a strategic business unit (SBU) and also help him save capital investment.

Party Cruisers Limited is the most prominent, full-fledged event management company. Since its inception in 1994, Mr. Zuzer, CEO of Party Cruisers Limited and Mrs. Rachana  Lucknowala, Managing Director of Party Cruisers Limited has spent decades carving out its niche when it comes to executing spectacular events & weddings for their clients. Taking a diverse tactic to the planning process with converging on the couple or client first, keeping love & warmth of the event in mind and creating impressive details that are client-centered, has set them to be the most coveted and recognized name amongst the elites.

Party Cruisers Limited launched ‘The PEP Squad’ – Party Cruisers Limited Entrepreneurship Program to support and provide opportunity for the new ventures in the event and wedding management industry.

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