"We are positive about INCA in INDIA" – Atique Kazi, APAC Lead, INCA

Industry Watch | May 28, 2019 | Interview

EVENTFAQS spoke with Mr. Atique Kazi, APAC Lead, INCA (Influence, Content, and Amplification), regarding the soaring trend of influencer marketing and how INCA – their platform, will help in the domain of influencer management. He also gave insights and spoke about INCA’s plan in growing influencer marketing in a wide spectrum.

1. What percentage of the overall marketing budget are brands investing in Influencer / Content Marketing?

Currently, the numbers are single digit on the lower side. Globally Influencer Content Marketing accounts for close to 2% of overall digital Adex (projected numbers for 2019). It is growing by 40% YOY, and it’s expected to grow faster than other digital advertising channels.

2. Elaborate through a successful example/case study on how contextual value was delivered to a brand through INCA?

For a toothpaste brand, using INCATech platform, we were able to identify relevant influencers for their sensitive care product. With just a few clicks INCATech helped to analyze over 10,000 influencers and over 8.1 million pieces of content to recommend the most suitable influencers for this campaign. These influencers were grouped into 3 cohorts; 1. Dentists 2. Mothers 3. Health Enthusiasts.

The client wanted to maximize engagement with the available budget. Looking at the previous performance of the shortlisted influencers and their costs; INCATech was able to further refine the list with maximum brand impact and ROI.

The platform was also able to identify if any of the shortlisted influencers have worked for competitors’ brands in the near past. Alongside we ran brand-safety and anti-fraud filters.

For each cohort, a separate content strategy was created; where dentists were creating awareness of sensitive tooth; mothers were emancipating the emotions of care and Health Influencers were talking about pure end-user benefits.

In the process, some amazing pieces of story-telling were produced; of which 4 were repurposed into online ad banners – which we programmatically executed on DV360 using client available data and in-market audience segments. These ads had better performance than the conventional banner ads which ran as part of the campaign.

The campaign delivered over 145% engagements vs planned.

3. What potential is seen for the division in India? What competition do you expect when introducing this service in India?

We are very positive about INCA in INDIA. It will be officially launched in Q4 2019.

Currently, we are setting up the team and platform in the market.

Not competing but complimenting. We are not replacing anyone in the eco-system – but introducing a data-driven outcome-based approach to influencer content marketing; We work with suppliers, publishers, influencer agencies, data companies, 3rd party tools – and connect them with our proprietary technology INCATech to deliver campaigns for our clients.

Currently, the market faces challenges in the form of an intuitive based selection of influencers, brand safety, IP rights management, workflow issues, opaque costs and no guarantee on ROI. INCA promises to be the solution driving power brand engagement on a unified platform.

Globally Influencer Content Marketing accounts for close to 2% of overall digital Adex (projected numbers for 2019).

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