An ‘Experiential Marketing’ Workshop and Training Program by Shaju Ignatius

Industry Watch | May 27, 2019 | Interview

‘Experiential Marketing’ - a workshop and training program in Event Planning and Management, by Shaju I Ignatius, Founder and Director – The Ignite Enterprise, was held on May 9, at Jotsoma village near Kohima town in Nagaland. During the workshop, trainees were shown the importance of event management and preparation that goes into the successful conduct of global events.


An industry veteran of events in India with over two decades of experience in special projects, brand marketing and business management, Shaju Ignatius along with Hovithal Sothu, Project Director, Music Task Force spoke about their experience in ‘Experiential Marketing’ –at a first-of-its-kind workshop and training program on event planning and management. Commenting on the initiative, Ignatius explains…

How did you come about this opportunity of doing a workshop on Experiential Marketing? Will you be doing more such workshops? Please share details.

The Music Task Force (MTF) department, which is a part of the Ministry of Youth Resources and Sports - Government of Nagaland contacted us about a proposed Workshop on Event Management, and requested to curate and conduct the same.

This was the first ever initiative by the Government and they plan to do many more such sessions ahead. I’ll gladly collaborate further with their wonderful team, and would seek to get a few more colleagues from the industry to be a resource for MTF.

Can you share insights on how the ‘Power of Experience’ has given rise to Experiential Marketing?

From the nascent development of Event Management, which was more of an execution role - to now; most of us playing a crucial role on the overall Brand Management and Marketing, this got us to creating experiences and beyond. Thus we expanded our work scope and lead us to create our universe of Experiential Marketing.

Tell us about the response that you received from the industry after the recent ‘Experiential Marketing’ workshop and training program.

Dr. Hovithal Sothu said, the response was very positive. Many expressed their satisfaction about the program. In addition, they appreciated me as a speaker and one to conduct the workshop. With the training completed, some of them are ready for hands on experience, now.

We saw so much confidence in some of the participants, we have already given them the responsibility to manage an event for us on the June 21, 2019 i.e. the World Music Day celebration. I am personally fully satisfied with the program and hope to do the same type of training with longer durations, in the days to come.

Shaju I Ignatius, Founder and Director – The Ignite Enterprise, speaks about ‘Experiential Marketing’ - a workshop and training program in Event Planning and Management was held on May 9th in Nagaland

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