180 Years Celebrations of The US Consulate Managed & Executed By ExM Solutions In Mumbai

Business Events | May 23, 2019 | Press Release

ExM Namaste America US Consulate

The officials at Namaste America and the US Consulate decided to have their 180 years celebrations and chose ExM to manage and execute the event. ExM also managed the Inaugural ball in 2017 which was one of the successful events executed by them.

The evening was a spectacular sight. It took many days of visit revisit and thought process to reach this goal. With Shiamak being in the house, it is never a small show. The stage was extra large the props were extra large and the show was super larger than life.

The show was slated for the 2nd week of January, however with the shut down that happened in the United States, the celebration date was pushed ahead. When the new date was announced, along with it came new challenges. It was a whole new team to deal with. New team, new rules. ExM had to reinvent the wheel.


"What with deadlines, systems to adhere to, and why not, it is the Consulate, we had to maintain its ultimate importance and inviolability, in each and every way. Given team ExM's unique usp, API, Absolute Personal Involvement, we were to make the event a dazzler. And it dazzled," Shobhit Nagar, Founder, ExM Solutions

"It was a task, what with deadlines, and stringent rules to adhere to, and why not, it is the Consulate, we had to maintain its sanctity in each and every way. But we loved every bit of it. Every nail-biting moment was a thrill in itself. Truly, the appreciation received from team Namaste America, and the senior officials of the Consulate was worth every second of work put in to this one" -  Ani Shah, Director, ExM Solutions


The ground which was uneven to hold a stage as big as the one required, it was a new and welcoming challenge for the set-up team. Also, there was a restriction on getting material on the lawns. Keeping all rules in place, this challenge was met and the venue was constructed in 1.5 days - Stage, Ramps and steps as per norms, Green rooms, dance floor, decor, light and sound setup, the works. The stage was ready for rehearsals one day prior to the final show.


The arrival of guests started by 6 pm, who were received extremely warmly by the Consulate and the Namaste America team. The show time was 7 pm.


Thus took to the stage the beautiful Sharmilla Dias, who was playing double duty this year, one of being the MC and the other was entertaining the guests with her melodious voice.


She invited the US Marines to start the evening with a wonderful march that honoured both the nations, United States and India, with the wonderful national anthems playing in the background. It was a sight of pride and honour.


After the march, the bigwigs of the US Consulate and Namaste America spoke on the 180 years in Mumbai and Indo-US association, and also felicitated the ones who made a huge difference.


Following them and taking center stage, came Shiamak and his team, who shook the stage and the audience with their breath-taking performance yet once again. They ensured that each and every member of the audience shook their feet, and even play dandia! Sharmilla took over and belted her numbers and kept the audiences enthralled, while they took their rounds looking at the 180 years photo wall, clicked pictures by the media background or just let their hair down. Each and every member of the audience enjoyed the evening which also had scrumptious delicacies being served.


All in all, the 180 years celebration event was a great success and was appreciated by the client.

The officials at Namaste America and the US Consulate decided to have 180 years celebrations and chose ExM to execute the event.

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