Experience #Luxelife Aboard Ocean Luxe LLP’s Yacht Launch

Marketing | May 20, 2019 | Press Release

Ocean Luxe LLP, which is the parent company for three unique brands, recently launched its venture with a special cruise commencing at the Gateway of India. The company, spearheaded by Shahid Basheer, Zarina Elias, and Rustom Mistri will provide customized sailing and yachting vacations in India and around the world.

The brands encapsulated under the Ocean Luxe LLP umbrella are the eponymous Ocean Luxe, bookyourboat.in and Yachtweek. Though intrinsically linked by the joy of sailing, each of the three Ocean Luxe brands provide vastly different experiences and cater to different audiences. Ocean Luxe LLP hopes to successfully shatter the myth that yachts and sailing vacations are exclusively the prerogative of the super-wealthy or experienced sailors, by giving a wider clientele a glimpse of life out on the waves.

On May 17th, Ocean Luxe welcomed invited guests and members of the press aboard Genesis, a luxury yacht for a sunset sail around Mumbai harbor. Invitees had the opportunity to learn more about what Ocean Luxe has to offer, meet members of the team and enjoy an evening of conversation and canapes against the backdrop of the sun setting on the horizon of the Arabian Sea. Guests also witnessed a detailed audio-visual presentation, showing breathtaking images of destinations serviced by Ocean Luxe as well as some of the yachts that the company charters to its clients. A true glimpse at the #LuxeLife.

Shahid Basheer, one of the partners of Ocean Luxe says “For a country with such a long coastline, very few Indians have taken to the seas recreationally. We at Ocean Luxe are on a mission to change that. Our goal is to curate the best sailing experiences for our clients, both on Indian shores as well as at beautiful global destinations.”

The event was partnered with The White Owl, RAW Pressery, and Debbie’s and The Wrapping Company.

Ocean Luxe LLP which specialises in bespoke sailing and yachting vacations around the world held an exclusive launch aboard a yacht on May 17th in Mumbai.

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