Toast Events Launches Premium Line Of Innerwear For Pepe Jeans

Marketing | May 7, 2019 | News

Toast Events Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans has redefined denim fashion and casual wear in the country and it has evolved as a trendsetting brand over the years from clothes to accessories, footwear, and eyewear. The company is now set to take the brand to newer heights with the launch of a premium line of innerwear – a promising new segment in the retail industry into an equal joint venture with Dollar Industries on January 12th at JW Marriott, Bangalore.

With the mandate to launch this brand for key stakeholders and retail distributors, Toast Events and Pepe creatively developed the concept of ‘Pepe Outside; Pepe Inside’. This concept was to denote that when you look at Pepe, there is more than what meets the eye – there is Pepe denim on the outside, and innerwear inside. Therefore it was possible to establish the brand’s versatility in terms of their products.

Vipul Baradia, Client Servicing, Toast Events said, “Launching an innerwear brand in India where already there are competitors around, the central thought was to launch the brand differently. Considering the event was for key stakeholders and retail distributors it was very crucial to keep them engaged and entertained throughout the event and keeping their main focus on the collection. The creative liberty extended on us help to explore and create a successful event.”

Yasin Shaikh, Operations, Toast Events said, “Every launch is different and unique. When we planned the event, the idea was to create a world of innerwear, where the products had to be seen and felt. The team had an interesting theme matching the colours of the product to the seating and décor of the venue, so as to create a pop, yet fun vibe for the event.”

Keeping that in mind, Toast Events worked on a ballroom space and chose to treat it differently to keep alive the young personality of the brand. The space was divided like an art exhibition, where people could move around and experience the product. They also created different product displays and modules creating excitement and giving an opportunity for people to see, touch, feel the product. The culmination of this event led to fashion showcase with models walking through different spaces. The guests were made to seat in segregated spaces to experience the collection up and close. Highlighting the colours and theme of the collection, Toast Events also created ambient décor that would align with the brand’s aesthetics.

Speaking about the launch, Neharika Sadotra, Concept, Toast Events said, “While working on the concept the idea clicked was that we had to showcase and highlight the product differently in a youthful way and bring out the Pepe vibe. Going away from the traditional fashion show we thought that Pepe is going layers and so we should embed a story. The concept was about showcasing layers uniquely as It’s classic, it’s trendy, it’s Pepe!”

Toast Events and Pepe Jeans creatively developed the concept of ‘Pepe Outside; Pepe Inside’ by launching premium line of innerwear held at JW Marriott, Bangalore.

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