Phoenix Marketcity Kurla Teams Up with Multiple Renowned Artists to Create BloomCity

Marketing | May 13, 2019 | Promo Feature

Phoenix MarketcIty

Enter a wild garden of exquisite multi-coloured flowers and trees, gigantic floral installations, miniature bonsai beauties, and rare shola wood flowers at Phoenix Marketcity this summer.

The Spring-Summer season heralds fresh blossoms and vibrant colours, and Phoenix Marketcity dips into nature’s palette to transform itself into a bountiful, floral universe. Their constant endeavour to patronise the arts has resulted in Bloom City, a mall transformed into a magical garden of wild flowers, rare blossoms, bonsai, sacred trees, magnificent, neck-craning floral sculptures, and fragrant installations. Enter the mall this season to be teleported to this mystical, tropical, indoor paradise.

Tree of Prosperity

The cynosure of the aesthetic spring décor is the majestic Tree of Prosperity, a 35-foot high installation consisting of an incredible 3 lakh flowers. Curated by Surreal Design Studio, this transcendent tree embodies the mysticism of human existence. “The life of the sacred tree parallels human life,” explains the designer. “It is also the source of all life – the sacred tree’s shadow and fruit nurture us all, and its deep roots signify our link to our ancestors.”

The famed artist, who has worked across the globe, continues, “My other installation, Gateway to Happiness reflects the multi-level existence we lead, the network of external connections we make and the internal nerve connections we consist of.”

Gateway to Happiness

The layer of life is an exploration into the many different levels on which we experience our daily existence.

We are not merely a biological machine that learned to think, we are multidimensional being living life simultaneously on different levels.

Circle of Life

Among the Indian contingent is artist Baisakhi Ghosh, who calls her art a floral orchestration. Over the years, Ghosh has used life’s cyclical journey as a motif for her work. Her sculpture for Bloom City, Circle of Life, uses the national flower, the lotus, to ponder on the transience of life and the cyclical nature of life-death-and life again, in its eternal continuum.

Paper Craft

Artist Rajendra Gole is known as a miniature paper sculptor, and his Paper Craft exhibits for Bloom City underline the wildness of nature, reminding viewers that man is just one of the many creatures within this natural world. Gole believes that despite the advances of digital technology, the paper will remain a basic material we keep returning to, and so he masterfully crafts paper into miniature 3D sculptures with the minutest details.

Bonsai Garden

The Indian Bonsai Society’s Bonsai Garden offers another interpretation of floral art in miniature scale, showcasing Japanese bonsai tree sculpting through its stunted plants. Displayed in the mall atrium, the aesthetic composition of these exhibits and the expertise involved in nurturing them is tangible.

Flower power

Last but far from least, the Unstoppable installation is another wonder that is worth a visit. This installation is put down by an incredible quartet of women – singer Ananya Birla, whose song the installation takes inspiration from, actress Juhi Chawla, tennis player Sania Mirza and model-actor Pooja Hegde, who are all part of the Unstoppable music video. It was inaugurated at the mall by Ananya Birla, who came to represent the undying spirit of womankind, and the floral beauty and power that women embody.

Garden of Equality

Akshita Gandhi’s installation, ‘Garden of Equality’ at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla was inaugurated by the first lady of Maharashtra – Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis in honour of International Women’s Day. The installation has two asymmetrical towers made of construction pipes roughly painted in blue and orange, framing a brightly coloured abstract painting by Akshita at its core.  Says Akshita, “For me, this installation is a representation of feminine beauty and power. The woman rises in full colour, amidst a framework of colourless chaos that surrounds her. She brings unfettered life to the arid environment and her colours splash on to the framework including them in her joy and passion.”

A Treat to The Shoppers

This larger than life destination has left no stone unturned to ensure a pleasurable and luxurious spring summer experience for all. As you make your way through the expansive spaces of this mammoth mall, you will be welcomed by an aromatic air conditioning which will pique your interest and woo the shopaholic in you.

All in all, a visit to Phoenix Marketcity isn’t just about shopping anymore; it’s about a culture-rich artistic experience. So, get your fix of shopping with a side of art today!

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Enter a wild garden of exquisite multi-coloured flowers and trees, gigantic floral installations, miniature bonsai beauties, and rare shola wood flowers at Phoenix MarketCity this summer.

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