Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019 Sets New Charity Record - Raises Over Rs. 40 Crores

Marketing | May 3, 2019 | Press Release

United Way Mumbai Tata Mumbai Marathon

Asia’s most prestigious and India’s pride, the Tata Mumbai Marathon along with United Way Mumbai, the event’s Philanthropy Partner, has set itself a new record in the amounts raised towards charity. The 2019 edition saw 272 NGOs raising over Rs. 40.7 crores, marking an increase of over 18% against last year’s Rs. 34.36 crores. Being the largest philanthropic sporting platform in India, the marathon galvanizes true sporting excellence through a strong commitment towards causes and communities. And resonates with the #BeBetter ethos of the event.  

With over Rs. 270 crores raised since its inception, this year’s charity collection is the highest ever in the 16-year history of the marathon. United Way Mumbai along with the NGOs, Corporates and individual fundraisers continued their commitment towards charity, shattering all records and showcasing the true power of this platform.

272 NGOs, 176 Corporates, 293 teams, 376 Young Leaders along with numerous individual donors and the fund raisers came forward to support myriad causes such as Education and Mentoring Children, Healthcare, Livelihood, Animal Welfare & Environment, Women Empowerment, Social, Civic & Community Development, Art, Elderly, and Gender among others through the Tata Mumbai Marathon.

“We are delighted that the Tata Mumbai Marathon has made its mark not just as a globally recognized marathon, but as the largest philanthropic sporting platform for fundraising in India. It is heartening to see that every year the amount raised for charity is increasing and this year sees the highest ever amount raised in the marathon’s history. We are sure that this trend will benefit more NGOs working for diverse causes in the future,” said Pradipta Bagchi, Group Chief Communications Officer, Tata Sons.

“The scale at which TMM has grown over the years demonstrates the caring power of our communities and the ability of individuals to stretch their personal boundaries to address a multitude of social challenges. This year has been monumental, with six fundraisers raising over a crore each to become Legends! It is at Rs. 40 crores this year and I cannot wait for the day when, with the continued support of these fundraisers, the TMM breaks the Rs. 50 crores ceiling!” said Jayanti Shukla, Chief Executive Officer, United Way Mumbai.

Vivek B Singh, Joint MD, Procam International said, “Sport has the ability to both inspire and ignite change. It is immensely gratifying for us, that the Tata Mumbai Marathon has played a transformational role in creating a positive impact on society. Till date, Rs. 269 crores have been raised through this joyful, transparent and effective platform. Kudos to United Way of Mumbai, the NGOs, and the running community, for their perseverance and effort in making TMM the largest philanthropic sporting platform in India. This brings a befitting closure to a glorious edition of TMM 2019.”

The 16th edition of the Tata Mumbai Marathon saw an energetic and honest depiction of the #BeBetter ethos. Today NGOs, corporate entities, and individuals are constantly on an endeavor to initiate positive social change.  

Highlights on TMM 2019:

This year, 10 enthusiastic individual fundraisers raised over INR 50 lakh to become Change Icons including 6 individuals who raised over a whopping INR 1 crore and achieved the Change Legend status. Breaking last year’s record, 176 corporates participated and registered 293 teams comprising over 7800 employees who came together for a charitable cause and contributed INR 16.54 crores supporting 91 NGOs. Employees from 26 such companies collectively raised INR 6.98 crores from their personal networks, thus benefiting 42 NGOs.1236 individuals supported 136 charities by raising funds for them. Amongst which were 172 Change Runners (individuals who have raised over Rs. 1.5 lakh), including 38 Young Leaders (fundraisers who are aged 21 years or less). These 1236 fundraisers cumulatively raised an outstanding sum of INR 18.5 crores. 376 Young Leaders, who are inspired fundraisers aged 21 years or less, have raised over INR 2.4 crores in an attempt to give back to society as much as possible. Meera Mehta, a Tata Mumbai Marathon veteran, becomes the first Young Leader to raise INR 50 Lakh and become a Change Champion.V.S. Parthasarathy raised INR 1,38,96,163 and eclipsed S Sankara Raman’s tally of INR 1,32,35,002 making him the highest fundraiser in the TMM history!

TMM Change Legends through the years

Name Amount Campaign
V.S. Parthasarathy INR 1,38,96,163 TMM 2019
K. V. S. Manian INR 1,35,00,001 TMM 2019
S Sankara Raman INR 1,32,35,002 TMM 2018
Mihir Doshi INR 1,30,67,555 SCMM 2017
Villy Doctor INR 1,22,00,742 TMM 2019
S Sankara Raman INR 1,01,61,000 TMM 2019
Sanjeev Shah INR 1,00,24,000 TMM 2019
Abhay Jasani INR 1,00,00,000 TMM 2019

Asia’s most prestigious and India’s pride, the Tata Mumbai Marathon along with United Way Mumbai, the event’s Philanthropy Partner, has set itself a new record in the amounts raised towards charity.

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