‘One Should Explore Various Event Formats to Broaden One’s Horizons’- Sonam Chhabra

Entertainment | April 18, 2019 | Interview

Hosting live events and prestigious televised shows is a challenging job as it requires one  to be confident, interactive, entertaining and articulate at the same time. The challenge is to keep up with the pace of the event, stick to the client brief, deliver the script correctly adding the right amount of wit and humour. A host should be capable of handling last moment changes and technical glitches. Sonam C Chhabra our LQ Handpicked Artist of the year is a host who has successfully hosted across various event formats in the experiential space across the globe for over decade now. From vibrance to versatility and audience connect to impact, Sonam has it all.

Having experienced so many events, what is the one thing that grabs the attention of the audience the most?

As they say well begun is half done! I believe an emcee’s stage entry has to be impactful to capture the imagination of the audience. Intelligent humor and witty one-liners can get the audience immediately interested in you. It’s all smooth sailing once you make that instant audience connect. Talking to the audience rather than talking at them, vibrant energy and great voice quality are essential qualities a good host must possess.

Tell us something about the kind of events that you do?

As an artist, I believe one should explore various event formats to broaden their horizons. I have anchored everything ranging from talk shows to corporate events, social and wedding events to serious conferences and summits, music concerts to product launches across the world. To name a few NDTV The Great India Debate, Hindustan Times Top 30 under 30 awards, FICCI Young Achievers Awards, United Nations Clean Cooking Forum, Lakmé India Fashion Week etc. Although I have hosted thousands of events across various genres in my eleven-year long career, I feel I have miles to go and much more to learn.

Tell us about the things that make you different from other emcees.

I am very inspired by the wonderful work that my contemporaries and colleagues are doing in the industry. I feel every artist has his/her individual strengths. I prefer to curate my own scripts and make sure my eyes are focused on the audience and not on a piece of paper. I like to add spontaneity and humour to the event without diverting from the main content of the event. Though I have a unique personal style of emceeing but having experienced all major genre of events, I am able to adapt to various event formats easily. A noticeable spunk clubbed with professionalism and dedication to the craft sets me apart.

What is it like to be a Live Quotient Handpicked Artist? Share your experience with us.

It feels great to be a Live Quotient Handpicked artist. Live Quotient has covered great artists in the past and it is a privilege for me to be among them. Any form of recognition is an affirmation that your work is being appreciated and I am grateful for that.

Sonam Chhabra has successfully hosted many events in the experiential space across the globe for a decade now.

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