A for Pineapple Engineers Green launch for Autogen Korea’s India Plant

Marketing | March 27, 2019 | News

A for Pineapple

Autogen, the next generation auto component manufacturing Korean company wanted to set up a shop in India. It was the Global Green Technology giant’s first step in the Indian Market and thus it was imperative for them to choose the right partner for the launch. A for Pineapple (AFP) got on board as the preferred event's partner and began planning for the launch day. Getting approvals was an arduous task since H.O. (Autogen Korea) had to be consulted on all the key issues. Hence AFP planned the launch event to the ‘T’ for three months so there would be no surprises for the company heads on the day of the launch. 

Worldwide Autogen is known for its commitment towards green technology and hence on the day of the launch AFP ornamented the plant with handpicked Indian flowers. The stage theme was 'Green'; emphasizing on eco-friendliness of the company but at the same time to keep the excitement high, a couple of launch-worthy elements were added to the launch. The Khed City plant ribbon was cut by Autogen delegates amongst numerous confetti and high-octane music.

Dignitaries from Politics, Auto-trade and Autogen’s consumers like Mahindra and Chevrelot attended the launch ceremony along with the internal staff. 

AFP wanted to make the Korean dignitaries experience India and also make the Indian staff feel at home, and hence traditional ceremony of ‘Light lighting was arranged, where Vedic chants were being chanted in the background.

To give a glimpse of Autogen’s vision for the India plant, the launch programmed summarized with a factory tour where department heads helped the audience witness Green Technology, Human safety, and Lightweight engineering at each stage of manufacturing. Thus AFP sprouted an eco-friendly launch for AutoGen.

Autogen Korea expands its production in India hires A for Pineapple for the branch launch.

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