Park Avenue - Voyage Presented an Unforgettable Experiential Marketing Experience Planned by Insync

Marketing | March 14, 2019 | News

Insync Marketing and Event Solutions Park Avenue

Insync Marketing and Event Solutions Pvt. Ltd. created an unforgettable experiential marketing experience for the Brand Park Avenue – Voyage at Sunburn 2018 held in Pune. After receiving a detailed brief from Park Avenue for the promotion of their Deodorant – Voyage, the Insync team worked on a unique experiential sampling idea for the brand. Voyage being a great and appealing fragrance, they decided to give millennials visiting Sunburn an unforgettable experience of the brand. 

A Park Avenue branded LED tower diffuser was placed in the dance arena. This diffuser released fragrance on the crowd every time the music dropped and also at set intervals. The Park Avenue Voyage Stall at Sunburn was created with a unique and an uber cool design. The Stall had multiple digital engagements such as Customize your Park Avenue Wings, Customize your Voyage bottle and multiple contests to engage the walk-ins. To mark the association of Voyage with Sunburn the campaign was called #VOYAGETOSUNBURN

Talking about the execution of this out of the box idea, Khozema Bootwala - Head Operations, Insync Marketing & Event Solutions said, “The brief was very tricky since day 1 as keeping the LED tower diffuser functional throughout the event with timely dispenses of the fragrance was quite a challenge, however, our team was very excited and was always on their toes which resulted in flawless execution.” 

Adding to this, Arti Shastri – MD, Insync Marketing & Event Solutions said, “ We initially got associated with Park Avenue in the month of August 2018 and have been planning various experiential marketing engagements for them ever since. #VOYAGETOSUNBURN was one such out of the box campaign which fetched an amazing response. The LED Diffuser concept was executed for the very first time in India and we are proud to state that it was a great success. Following this campaign, we have more such campaigns in store for the Brand. By the end of this year, we look forward to taking our Brand association to the next level by establishing Park Avenue as a Unique Brand in India with Excellent Experiential Marketing engagements with the end target audience."

Insync Marketing and Event Solutions Pvt. Ltd. planned a unique experiential marketing experience for Brand Park Avenue - Voyage at Sunburn 2018.

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