Tata Salt's ‘Kumbh Kay Shravan’ Initiative Conceptualized By The Brand Brewery

Industry Watch | March 11, 2019 | News

Tata Salt The Brand Brewery

Kumbh Mela is the world’s largest religious festival, witnessing millions of devotees. Being densely populated, the festival becomes challenging for elderly and specially-abled devotees to walk the last mile to the banks of the river for their holy dip. Further, with no public transportation allowed on this stretch, devotees are left with no choice but to walk the path. This causes a lot of discomfort to the elderly devotees. Tata Salt, stepped in to aid and provide comfort to all such devotees, by sending its ‘Kumbh Kay Shravan’. 

Taking inspiration from Hindu mythology, Ramayana where Shravan Kumar carried his specially-abled and elderly parents to 40 pilgrimages on his back; Tata Salt decided to send its huge team of ‘Kumbh Kay Shravan’ to assist such elderly devotees with mobility difficulties at the Kumbh festival. A customized coach, ‘Seva Vaahan’ was built to ensure the safety and comfort of the devotees, which was lifted by ‘Kumbh Kay Shravan’, ferrying the elderly devotees for the holy dip.  

Not only did these ‘Shravans’ help elderly complete the last mile, but they also handed them a ‘Daan Kalash’ containing Tata Salt and uncooked grains to be given as charity to the less fortunate ones. This act of giving charity of food supplies and salt is the final ritual to be followed to successfully complete the spiritual journey. An innovative yet simple solution for a complex problem gave way for Tata Salt’s “Kumbh Kay Shravan” aiding elderly devotees complete the last mile of their spiritual journey. 

Commenting on this initiative, Sagar Boke, Head, Marketing, Consumer Product Business, Tata Chemicals Ltd., said, “Kumbh is a very auspicious occasion where pilgrims from across the country come to take a dip in the holy Ganges. The elderly and disabled face challenges to cover the end mile distance where no vehicles are allowed. Tata Salt, which is lovingly christened “Desh Ka Namak”, facilitated this last mile journey thereby engaging with consumers in an interesting manner. At Tata Salt, we believe in connecting with our consumers in a meaningful way thereby becoming a quintessential part of their lives”

Speaking on the campaign, Pradyumn Tandon, Founder & MD, The Brand Brewery - the agency that conceptualized and executed the campaign said, “We at TBB always strive to give simple yet innovative campaign ideas to our clients, ensuring seamless product integration, leading to effect desired results. It’s a delight to work for brands like Tata Salt who are equally enthusiastic to promote innovative methods of marketing.”

Tata Salt makes an effort to help out elderly devotees at the Kumbh Mela through ‘Kumbh Kay Shravan’ Initiative conceptualized and executed by The Brand Brewery.

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