'Shree Sankatmochan Hanuman Varshik Utsav' a Yearly Shree Cement Initiative Hosted by Gitikka Ganju

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The three-day jamboree conceptualised, executed and managed by Moksh Events and Mapsor Experiential Weddings for Shree Cement at Beawar, Rajasthan at the Shree Cement premises.
The setting, the ambience, mythology, contemporary culture, and unbridled celebration.
A fantastical experience

A little tip – Read less, look more, the photographs actually speak a thousand words.
Why I know so much about the event – Well, when you host the event across three days, you are the official insider.
Get Set Go

A new venue, a dome was set-up from scratch. The Dome was created based on the theme of a Venetian palace in Demask pattern, replete with remarkable statues, crystal chandeliers, floral installations, furniture and paintings from the historic era. I gave it a nickname, the Dome of Marvel. If you may, take a look at the photographs. Also take a look at the Woods, a specially designed zone for the Welcome Dinner. More than 50+ Swiss Tents with 5 Star amenities for guests were the top objects of desire. The huts surrounded the main area that was created for guests to pass the intermediary time. Therein a man-made artificial canal with gondolas and quaint bridges reminded us of Venice. The pattern and sheer scale of lighting on the low-rise hills surrounding the premises were award-worthy.

The Bangur‘s family and guests from Kolkatta and from across the globe were treated to a giant-sized Welcome Feast on Day One. The night was dotted with performances of international artists, Arial Violin, Mystress, a grand performance of Masquerade Ball Dance, followed by dinner at the Woods. 

Day two was dotted with the splendour of Indian mythology and contemporary Indian culture. It opened an account with a volleyball match, which is the custom every year. Every year a game is played between the employees and the owners, appraisals blissfully forgotten. The Light and Sound show created by the employees of Shree Cement was world-class. Then came the grand, splendorous Shobha Yatra, an annual ritual where Lord Hanuman’s idol is escorted out of the temple on the premises and the inhabitants of the town get a glimpse of the revered deity. The tableaus in the procession were created around the many stories of Lord Shiva’s lore. This was a first for me, as I voiced for the tableau procession and narrated various mythical stories from Mahakaal’s life. Allied areas, roads, and the entire premises were illuminated with alluring lights. I especially enjoyed the sight of LED roses. A rose is a rose, be it in any form! The Shobha Yatra was followed by an event in the evening that began with Shree Academy School students performing Ganesha Vandana. The second act of the evening was interesting, Rishikesh Potkat, a well-practised Papercut artist who created quirky manifestations of Lord Ganesha through his distinctive craft. He also created a layered papercut LED portrait of B.J. Bangur, the Chairman of Shree Cement. And then the Kavi Sammelan took the stage. Iconic Hindi poets, pillars of contemporary Indian literature, Ashok Chakradhar, Surendra Sharma and Hari Om Panwar batted for unity and patriotism along with some light moments by the inimitable Surendra Sharma. All then had dinner, by the picturesque waterside. 

Day three began with various activities and games such as VR games, neuro-games, water zorbing and meltdown in the dome followed by the performances of stand-up comedian Gaurav Gupta, illusionist Sumit Kharbanda, Nitrogen Duo and a group activity by a MasterChef. The event in the evening began by paying tribute to the martyrs of Pulwana attacks, followed by a speech by  H.M. Bangur, Managing Director of Shree Cement. Sukhwinder Singh then unfolded a special act dedicated to the martyrs, more than a hundred children were roped in for this act from a local orphanage in Ajmer. I know that he designed the act overnight. Emotions were on display as he paid tribute to the martyrs. Singer Anusha Mani then performed an impressive unplugged set of her own numbers, setting the stage for a final performance by Sukhwinder Singh. This final event ended by mesmerising fireworks which regaled the 15000 + crowd present there. 

The scale of the canvas was mammoth, I observed. The setting, a slick translation of ambition. The choice of content, apt. The execution, well-practised. And that is why I congratulate the teams on the ground. 

Moksh Events and Mapsor Experiential Weddings managed, executed and conceptualised the 'Shree Sankatmochan Hanuman Varshik Utsav' for Shree Cement at Beawar, Rajasthan.

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