'An Artist Needs to Mould their Act as Per the Event' - Satyajit Padhye

Entertainment | February 21, 2019 | Interview

LQ Handpicked Artist Live Quotient Satyajit Padhye

Staying relevant through content is the biggest challenge faced by an artist. What is very important for an artist in the experiential industry, is to mould their act according to the event and the client's brief. One has to think out of the box in case of changes occur in the event flow or if there is a different audience than expected. Satyajit Ramdas Padhye our LQ Handpicked Artist of the year is one such person who has faced these challenges and adapted accordingly.

Satyajit is a Gen-Next “Ventriloquist and Puppeteer” and a former Finalist of India’s Got Talent, a reality show aired on Colors channel. He learnt this art from his father Ramdas Padhye who is a famous Ventriloquist and Puppeteer and has been in this field for the last 45 years. He was also invited on Bigg Boss Season 8 where he performed with Salman Khan. He has also performed with Shahrukh Khan on his new T.V.Show aired on &TV besides countless appearances on several television shows. He has represented India, in many International Ventriloquism and Puppetry Festivals abroad. Let us know more about him and his experience being the Live Quotient Handpicked Artist.

Can you elaborate on your creative processing and content creation?

My creative processing is simple and I think every artiste should follow that to make any event successful. First I always ask what is the event, and which audience we are catering to, and then it becomes easy for me to plan my content and customize my act. The most interesting part about the experiential industry is that I get to experiment a lot and come up with unique ideas. Also, content creation happens when some brief is given by the client for e.g – there was an event of Baby Shower and I used a Baby Puppet to describe what was literally going on in the mind of the lady who was expecting.

Which is the one thing that sets you apart from other artistes?

One thing that sets me apart is that my stand-up comedy is a visual medium and there are very few ventriloquists and puppeteers who perform in the experiential industry. Also, what sets me apart is my ability to design any kind of character as per the brief. Because besides being a ventriloquist and puppeteer, I am a puppet maker too. I have worked with different mediums like television, feature films, digital medium like web series, ad-films though still being a part of the event industry and a live stage performer. So I know the intricacies of this art form in and out.

How do you engage with different audiences?

Each act of mine is unique because I have acts specially designed for every kind of event. I have a particular puppet character for Corporate Events, Dealer Meets, and Sales Meet. Then for Product Activation, I generally perform with a customised character. For weddings and sangeet events, I have a couple puppet where I perform stand-up comedy with the pair and crack loads of marriage-related jokes with customised script revolving around the family. In fact, I have hosted the Sangeet with my puppet characters. I also have a different character and act for a birthday party, like, a talking birthday cake. There are different acts specially designed for Family Days for corporate clients where I combine kids and adult content together. I feel the experiential industry still has not explored the art of Ventriloquism and Puppetry to its fullest potential and I think clients would definitely get something unique if event planners use this art form.

Can you tell us about the events you have done so far?

I have performed at more than 3000 shows. I have used Ventriloquism and Puppetry in Corporate events, dealer meets, birthday parties, family days, and sangeet events just to name a few. Recently I did some very interesting events for SBI Life Insurance, POSICON 2019, Family Day Event for J.P.Morgan, Chalo India 2018 in the USA.

What was your one of the biggest moments of pride?

When I represented India recently at the World Puppetry Carnival in Ekaterinburg, Russia and Phuket World Puppetry Festival, my ventriloquism and puppetry act was very well received from locals in Russia and Bangkok. I was the youngest Indian Ventriloquist to represent our country and it was a moment of pride for me that I could put smiles on the faces of people from different ethnicities. I performed along with my father Ramdas Padhye and we were awarded the Best Comedy Puppet Act award in Ekaterinburg, Russia. I was the first Indian Ventriloquist to perform in Russian.

While creating a puppet character - what is the one thing you keep in mind from the client's brief?

The process of creating a character is complex. First and foremost, we see what character are we looking at. Then we either collect references in the form of cartoons or try and sketch the character. After that, we select the material that can be used to give the desired flexibility to the character. Next, we make the character and work on the costumes and then experiment with the voice. We have around 2,000 puppets specially created for events, ad-films, feature films, stage shows etc. Puppet Making is a full-time job besides performance. If the client wants super customisation with customised script and customised character and has a budget and an adequate time-frame, then I create the puppet character from scratch.

What is it like to be a Live Quotient Handpicked Artist? Share your experience with us.  

It’s great to be Live Quotient Handpicked Artist because your work gets noticed across all the event planners in the experiential industry. It gives a kind of confidence to event planners to hire you.


In conversation with EVENTFAQS 'Live Quotient Handpicked Artist' - Satyajit Padhye

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