ALL IN Events Executed ‘Wild West County’ Theme for Adlabs Entertainment Limited at Mood Indigo

Entertainment | February 18, 2019 | News

All In Events

ALL IN Events re-created a magical experience at Mood Indigo, the cultural and signature festival of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, which is considered as Asia's largest college cultural festival - held from December 27 to 30, 2018. The festival witnessed a thrilling experience of  ‘Wild West County ‘ theme complimenting the ‘Gold Rush’ ride at Imagica. The event coalesced with multiple engagement activities throughout the day.

The given area was converted into an experience zone which gathered maximum eyeballs during the event,  giving it a whole new thematic angle by using actual props such as barrels, hay-stacks, wooden logs, and benches etc. for a more realistic feel. The two unique photo opportunities along with game zones, frisbee and lasso challenge, Imagica Parade and life-size Jenga game were major highlights of the event. Emcee engaged students with Frisbee Challenge, life-size Jenga game and Lasso challenge to bring alive the theme, and winners were rewarded with Imagica merchandise. The event also witnessed a meet and greet session with Stars of Imagica - Tubbby, Hippy, Roberto &  Bloo followed by  Imagica Parade re-creating an entertaining ride for the students. 

Conceptualizing and executing this unique experience, Ammar Shikari, Sr. Executive Client Servicing and Business Development at ALL IN Events, said  “We had great time planning and executing this creative and innovative concept for Imagica. We look forward for more such exciting collaborations with Adlabs Entertainment Limited “.

IIT - Bombay, Mood Indigo Festival came up with a 'Wild West County' theme which was executed by ALL IN Events

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