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SOUND.COM Chooses Adamson System Engineering to Bring a Brand New Experience in India

Industry Watch | February 12, 2019 | News Adamson

SOUND.COM invested in Adamson loudspeakers to bring something new to the Indian market. The purchase was facilitated by Adamson’s local distributor Sonotone’s sub-division AVCL, which includes 48 Adamson S10 full-range cabinets, 16 E119 subwoofers, and eight S119 subs, all powered by Lab.gruppen PLM20K44 amplifiers, which is a part of SOUND.COM owner Warren D’Souza’s ongoing business strategy.


The new cabinets will immediately be put to use on the company’s hectic production schedule. ‘We typically do around four productions a day – anywhere between 98 and 110 gigs a month and it’s going to be out on every show, from massive PAs on a big-ticket event to two pole-mounted loudspeakers at the smaller end of the scale.’ said Warren D'Souza, Founder and Managing Director, SOUND.COM.

Warren explained, "Collaboration with Adamson was a simple step to elevate our business to the next level. It was an ideal choice for our organization. My decision to go with Adamson was purely based on what the box can do sonically and, in India, a stellar turnkey sound system like this hasn’t been heard before and we wanted to be the first company to take the E-Series and S-Series on the road."

“We’ve only really just started breaking into the Indian market, so to have someone like Warren and SOUND.COM come onboard is very significant,” added Adamson, APAC, Managing Director, Ben Millson. “It’s going to be very beneficial for both companies; we get the rig into the market, but crucially we get the rig into the market with the right person who knows how to use it properly. Anyone can buy a PA, but it’s how they use it, how they deploy it, how they tune the system that makes a big difference,” he concluded. 

In addition to the S10 cabs, SOUND.COM has committed to investing in Adamson’s large-format E-Series line array in the near future.

"Knowing SOUND.COM and interacting with them, they’ve always promoted the company as a pioneer of the superior deployment of loudspeakers, rather than a rep for any one brand. The conversations that we had beforehand were all about what Adamson is doing globally and what it can do in India in terms of advantages over other brands, what we can deliver as a company in terms of service, logistics, support, and having a nationwide presence. We want to quickly scale it up to something that could become a market leader in the coming years.’ commented Sonotone Director Karan Nagpal.

Roshan Abbas, Managing Director - Geometry Encompass comments on the collaboration saying, “SOUND.COM has always worked to bring the best to events and experiences. Adamson is a great choice as it delivers great big sound that doesn't hurt. Drake and Imagine Dragons used it on their last tour and I was thrilled to know Warren and his team will have the same equipment available for our experiences now.”

Daryl Sheldon, Director, Seventy Seven Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. says "For years SOUND.COM has been a market leader and shared one of the top ranking equipment in sound reinforcement and sound rental in the country. Its decision to reinvest and remodel all its equipment to a newer series/ brand with L’Accoutics or the D&B range which is one of the market leaders and widely accepted was an obvious choice. But, It was rather astonishing for the industry to know about their announcement of changing their entire equipment to Adamson; a Canadian boutique brand with equally good output and system control which is priced much more reasonable than the above brands and whose delivery is at par or even superior to its competition. I have to say, to be different and cause disruption you have to take a calculated risk but more than that, you have to go with your gut feeling and trust me you will never fail."

Fali Damania, AR Rahman's FOH (Front of House) Engineer says, "Congratulations Warren D'souza and SOUND.COM ongoing with Adamson. Couldn't think of a better company in India, for Adamson to make their first big entrance. Adamson's range of speakers are excellent. The E15 and E119 combination is the best I have heard while out on tour. Excellent decision, cannot wait to use it." 

SOUND.COM announced changing their entire equipment to Adamson System Engineering to bring a brand new experience in India

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