The Renaissance Powai Gorgeously Lit And decked with Greens for this wedding by Dreamzkraft!

Weddings | February 12, 2019 | News

The Renaissance

Trishant Sidhwani, Director, DreamzKraft and Prerita Suri, a self-motivated start-up enthusiast tied the knot in a three-day celebration from December 27th to 29th, 2018 in Mumbai. 

The Renaissance, Powai was chosen as the wedding destination because it made things simpler as a lot of their guests were Mumbai based. The Renaissance is a very beautiful property at the lake’s edge and it is a unique space in Mumbai that was just right for this wedding.

The wedding functions went on for three days, the first day being a Sundowner party, the second day had both Sindhi and Punjabi rituals in the morning followed by the Mehendi function and Sangeet later in the evening. The wedding was held on the third day followed by an After-Party. Being the Director’s wedding, DreamzKraft planned every function right down to the tiniest detail and executed this extravagant wedding with perfection. The décor, the themes, the floral work and innovative trends conceptualized at this wedding paves the road for wedding trends of 2019. 

The planning and décor for every function at this wedding has been conceptualized and executed by DreamzKraft. 

Here is the flow of each wedding function - 

Sundowner – The theme was Vintage Chic with an Oktoberfest influence. To begin with, it was planned at the lake-side lawns and the seating arrangements were with a casual vibe. Cane furniture with customized cushion covers, picnic tables with greens and white exotic floral runners and a main cabana with low seating arrangements and lots of throw pillows added charm to the venue. Vintage props like antique sewing machines, rotary dial telephones, vintage leather covered books, vintage suitcases and typewriters were set up to add an old-charm look. Assorted cane baskets weaved together on a pole with different floral arrangements at the lawns added a world of charm and creativity to the décor. A vintage door as the backdrop was embellished with greens and exotic white flowers and sleeper-wood boxes of Baby Breath flowers lined the pathway. The centre of attraction was a pair of pink flamingoes, the wedding logo, that were decked in greens. 

Studio Kitchen added to the theme with a specially curated North American and Eastern European cuisine, to signify the time the couple had spent in the US while at University. With wood fired Pizzas, Corn on the Cob, Chilean Tacos, Mexican Burrito bowls, Grills, Hot Dogs, Baileys infused Mushrooms, Jagermeister Fish, Mac and Cheese Lamb Burgers with shot glasses of beer, to name a few on the menu, the guests had an exuberant time and the DJ & Percussionist kept them going with their snazzy beats. 

Mehendi – The theme was a confluence of Blue pottery and Greek art with lovely Indian Marigold yellow to give a traditional feel to the Mehendi function. There were fun elements all across the venue; floral niches with cozy seating arrangements and beautifully carved vibrant lounges with curtains of Marigold and smaller floral arrangements. A pair of Marigold yellow floral elephants stood at the entrance to welcome the guests and a pair of pink flamingoes were dressed in greens and Marigold yellow to match the theme.

A dance floor, balloon shooting, ring toss games and even a crystal ball reader completed the entertainment section along with a central bar set up at the gazebo. Guests could walk in at the bar and pick their choice of fruit, vegetable and infused water and the bartender would mix it up for them. 

Studio Kitchen added a mouth-watering menu with traditional Sindhi and Punjabi food with chefs specially brought in from local districts to deliver authentic tastes. Chole- Kulche, Dal Pakwan and Sindhi Curry were some of the outstanding flavours of the day along with the upbeat music by the DJ that kept everyone dancing including the bride and groom.

Sangeet – With Persian influences, this star-studded night was glorious in every aspect and the décor was very tasteful and grand. Right from the grand entrance and pre-function area to the food area, every inch of space was decorated and lit up beautifully. The Sangeet night saw more than a thousand guests in attendance and the venue was designed such that there were spaces created for the guests to move around and relax as well. Lounges were created and the pre-function area was peppered with floral screens and screens made with beautiful handworked zari-fabrics that were embellished in champagne gold; which were an integral part of the décor throughout the venue.  To complement the décor, floral walls of hydrangeas and other exotic white flowers were placed throughout the lobby and pre-function area. Long tables full of Tuberose arrangements with greens at the ballroom entrance and pre-function area added their mild fragrance to the stylish décor. The ballroom was given an infinity drape look, which was extremely modern and effective. The focal point of this décor was a 40-foot gold cut-out chandelier that was installed over the bar.  

The spotlight was undeniably on the couple of the hour, whose entry was very unique. They entered with a band playing tunes dressed in old-style uniforms and their cousins and friends as Baaraatis. The band took over the ballroom as the couple made their way to the stage. The DJs belted out foot-tapping tracks one after the other and the Percussionist infused energy into the guests with his amazing beats keeping the guests on their feet. Additional details like the wedding logo etched onto the ice bar and venue scenting added to the glitz and glamour of the whole night.

Wedding – The wedding was more of a Modern Vintage drawing room crossed with a South Indian floral garden with quirky Indian prints. The Mandap was set up at the lakeside lawns and was perfumed with over a hundred and fifty scented candles that added to the beautiful fragrance of the flowers. Strings of Tuberose enveloped the Mandap, head table and lounges and made the venue look surreal along with cascading flowers that adorned the stairs to the Mandap. Big floral arrangements of tuberoses also accentuated the dining area tables. Smaller lounges created at the sides of the Mandap were adorned with antique furniture, metal vases and tall brass lamps decorated with minimal flowers. An abundance of Tuberoses, Tagar jaalis, Kenya Roses, Palm Trees and Herbariums (Kamini Patta) floral arrangements were placed throughout the venue. We created an overlay with the Tagar Jaalis that highlighted the central table which had personalized packaged silver coated cardamom seeds that the guests could pick up.

Lounges were created with modern Indian prints in English colours and propped with console tables, candle stands, vintage props and tall brass glasses. The head table had floral runners in whites and green herbariums with Swan hangings and Tuberoses overhead, which were also placed at the entrance and main family lounge. Beautiful classical music played on the Sitar during the Pheras added to the magic of the décor enchanting everyone. 

The Baaraat was planned down to the last detail, like all the other functions. The music, the ‘mithais’ and welcome drinks served to the ‘Baraatis’ were all in keeping with the theme in mind. The Band members were dressed in chevron turbans with ‘Achkans’ and ‘Sherwanis’ in pastel colours to match the colours of the theme. Detailing was down to point with umbrellas printed with flamingoes (the wedding logo) at the Baraat and flamingo cut out ‘Kalgis’ adorning the ‘Safas’ of the men. At the entrance, guests were welcomed with an array of sweets and handmade and scented, artificial Mogra bracelets for the women and open artificial Mogra scented garlands for the men.

Studio Kitchen had a variety of ‘Chaat’ from all over the country for the guests to indulge in.  Ranging from Mathurawali Chaat and Authentic Gujarati Chaat, to regional Maharashtrian Street Food, once again chefs from various regions were brought in for the authentic culinary experience.

After Party – The after party was held at the same ballroom where the Sangeet took place and the space was completely transformed with the Psychedelic Cirque Theme. Black and white geometric prints with a pop of royal purple stood out along with a variety of artists like contortionists, aerial silk artists, mirror men, illuminated stilt walkers, illuminated ballerinas, LED drummers, clowns with pirate dwarf sidekicks who were all moving about the ballroom and putting on acts for the guests. The hand-painted quirky animal statues, sculptures and paintings placed at various spots along with the use of stylish furniture, cascading floral arrangements and props lent an air of mystique and beauty to the décor. Hydrangeas were used as cascading floral arrangements and quirky contrasting hydrangeas in big floral arrangements with mannequins blended in with the backdrop.

Laser lights enhanced the party vibe and overall it was a unique out-of-the-world, never-done-before look; tastefully styled; and the result was stunning and the DJs kept the guests dancing till long after the sun was up! 

The menu was a blend of the Eastern and the Orient as the couple wanted to end their wedding celebration on a high note. Asian, Indonesian, Mongolian, Malaysian and Korean cuisines added to the celebrations with food like authentic Japanese Sushi, Dimsum Bars, Authentic Thai Dishes such as Keeng Phad Phak Ruam, Khiew Warn Phuk and many more. 

A lot of emphasis was placed on creating an amazing experience for the guests. Be it with the room hampers, lounges or give-aways. The welcome hamper present in every room had every tin and bag customized with the couple’s hashtag and be it cookies or trail mix, every item packaged had a story to tell. Guests were pampered with a spa and salon to shine at every party and feel rejuvenated. Photography for this wedding was done by The Wedding Story.

The wedding functions went on for three days, the first day being a Sundowner party, the second day had both Sindhi and Punjabi rituals followed by the Mehendi & Sangeet, Wedding on third day.

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