'Sunburn Klassique Will Bring Back the Original Vibe of Sunburn' - Harindra Singh

Entertainment | February 7, 2019 | Interview

Sunburn Klassique Harindra Singh

Percept Live announced the homecoming of Asia’s largest dance music festival, Sunburn to Goa in collaboration with Klassique. After a hiatus of over 3 years, the festival giant will be making its grand return to its birthplace. To know more about the major venue shift, EVENTFAQS got in touch with Harindra Singh, Chairman and MD  - Percept limited where he spoke about the issues and challenges for the upcoming Sunburn Klassique event in Goa. 

Was there any specific reason to shift Sunburn from Pune to Goa?

Sunburn Klassique marks the homecoming of Sunburn to its birthplace. We started Sunburn in 2007 in Candolim, Goa as a 3-day music festival and over the years Sunburn grew to become an iconic global music festival that features an amazing diversity of music, entertainment, experiences, celebration and lifestyle. Sunburn seeded music tourism in India in Goa. 2015 saw the last edition of the Sunburn Festival in Goa at Vagator. We left Goa in 2016 with a very heavy heart and tried really hard to recreate the magic of Goa across other destinations. However, Goa is Goa! It was impossible to re-create the magic and charm of Goa elsewhere. We definelty missed Goa every moment. Recently we sensed an opportunity to return to Goa and were lucky to tie-up with Shailesh Shetty, Klassique who will be representing Sunburn in Goa and taking on the responsibility of handling all the local logistics, permissions and licenses for ensuring a smooth and successful homecoming of Sunburn Klassique in the state. The weekend of February 23 and 24, 2019 will be the first 2-days of Sunburn Klassique showcase at Vagator. The plan is to start with one event, and based on the success work on the rest. Ideally, we would like to have one in the first quarter, one during the monsoon and one in the third quarter. Sunburn Klassique will bring back the original vibe of Sunburn and will be all about nostalgia, emotions, fond memories and having a great time with friends. Just the way it was from 2007-2015 in Goa. The December Sunburn Festival event as of now will continue to take place in Pune.  

How will this edition of Sunburn Goa be different from the rest?

Sunburn Klassique is a completely different format from all the other Sunburn events that we execute. The vibe will be that of Sunburn’s early days in Goa. The music curation and programming, décor and setup will ooze the legendary nostalgic era of Sunburn in the state. It will not be a concert or be commercial. It will be more focused on emotions. A product that is only possible in Goa. 

Can you elaborate on the response received at Sunburn 2018, Pune?

Sunburn Festival 12 at Pune was historical across all parameters and we really raised the bar for music events with this edition. It was the biggest scale of Sunburn in 12 years. With over 200,000 fans attending from all parts of the globe and from across India, the festival was a roaring success. Our exclusive official ticketing partner for Sunburn in India, BookMyShow reported fans from more than 80 cities across India booked tickets. Our official ticketing partners such as Viagogo, Fest Ticket, Fest Ground and RedTix reported fans from over 25+ countries attended the festival, with a large majority coming in from South East Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Sunburn Pune 18 saw one of the best artist lineups, sound design and engineering, and SFX. The main stage also featured 3D fireworks, a first for any music festival in the country. The festival was streamed live exclusively on the Zee 5 app to reach millions of fans across the country. The event saw 4 stages including the main stage, Cubezoid 4.0 which spanned 300 x 100 feet (as tall as a 10 storey building and as wide as the Statue of Liberty horizontally) and had over 7000 sq. ft. of LED and was attended by over 200,000 fans. The camping site was a huge hit with festival goers. Sunburn Pune saw a Sponsor integration of more than 18 leading brands with every brand incorporating a unique on-ground engaging activation experience. The event brought in huge returns to the local economy and generated massive business for the region via hotel accomodation, F&B, transport and miscellaneous expenses incurred by festival goers. Sunburn Pune 2018 once again achieved our goal of redefining and scaling up the music tourism experience in India and putting India as the destination of choice for entertainment, lifestyle and business on the global dance music tourism map. We are immensely grateful to our fans, artists, crew, partners, sponsors and all the concerned departments of the Government of Maharashtra for their incredible support in our collective endeavor to create history with Sunburn Pune in 2018.

What can the audience expect from Sunburn Klassique 2019?

Right from the flea markets, experience zones, adventure activities and setup, the overall vibe will strike a chord of nostalgia and bring back memories of the good times fans have experienced in the past when Goa was home to Sunburn. The artist line up will reflect the very same sentiment. We will be bringing down artists that are iconic and reflective of the vibe of the earlier days of Sunburn Goa. The Sunburn Klassique format will be completely different from the Sunburn festivals taking place in different cities. From the setup to the stages and the artists, Sunburn Klassique will truly stand apart. Sunburn evolved to a much bigger and commercial format post exit from Goa. But we all missed the original Goa Sunburn. It was cooler, more intimate, more emotions, experiences, pre post parties, shacks, local food and flavours. Sunburn Klassique will aim to bring back all of that. Safety of our fans is and always has been our prime priority. We have a ZERO drug tolerance policy and ensure no BANNED substances enter the festival arena. Sunburn along with our promoter Klassique will ensure no norms or laws are violated and the event is completely incident and glitch free. Sunburn Klassique will truly represent what Brand Sunburn stands for - a colossal, open, collaborative, engaging platform for the Youth of India to connect, engage and just be themselves. A platform that encourages a ‘Healthy Social’ Experience. At Sunburn you can camp out with friends, play games on the beach, listen to great music, dance, relax, or just read a book. Sunburn Klassique will offer a fantastic environment for like minded people to meet, chat, connect, have a great time and make new lifelong friends. Our aim is to encourage people to come out of their homes, get off their couches, take their fingers off their phone’s keypad and TV remote controls, forget about the office workload and have a great time outdoors. Because that’s what being truly SOCIAL is all about.

We are also committed to positioning Goa as the destination of choice for Entertainment, Lifestyle, Creativity, Fun and Business through our initiatives with Sunburn. That’s our way of paying back and thanking the beautiful State of Goa and its people for all their love and support they have given to us into making Sunburn the super global iconic success that it is today. 

Harindra Singh, Chairman, and MD - Percept limited speaks about the location shift of Sunburn Klassique from Pune to Goa and other challenges.

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